It happens all the time. You've been invited to a baby shower, and you're just not excited by any of the choices on the baby registry. A gift card seems like taking the easy way out.

What unique baby shower gift can you give that first-time moms often forget to put on their registry, but that they will forever thank you for thinking to give them? Here are some ideas for unique baby shower gifts you can make and put together that the new mom will remember past baby's first birthday.

* Swaddlers. Only nurses in the hospital are good at swaddling babies with a square blanket, and receiving blankets are not a unique baby shower gift. Instead, try the SwaddleMe, the Woombie, a Halo Sleep Sack, or the Miracle Blanket.

* Solid Food Feeding. Mom's get inundated with gifts for the first three months of the baby's life, and although essential, there's nothing unique about baby shower gifts like a high chair. Think ahead and choose some cute bowls, spoons, plates, cups, and a box of baby cereal.

* Teething Necklaces. When a baby starts to teethe, it's hard to always have something handy. Check out teething necklaces from places like Teething Bling. It's a baby shower gift of unique jewelry for Mom that keeps baby happy, too.

* Scrapbooks. If you're crafty, make a unique first year scrapbook for the baby. Make a page for each month of the year with a space for Mom to just drop in a photo taken during each month of the year. Or use a calendar page for each month where she can record all of baby's firsts.

* Treats for Mom (and Dad). A gift certificate for dinner out, a personal chef meal delivered to the house, an evening of babysitting, or a day at the spa will keep Mom happy and be a unique baby shower gift. Throw in a bottle of wine to enjoy after the baby comes for a fun surprise.

* Nursing covers or formula dispensers. For a breastfeeding Mom, a nursing cover like those made by Bebe au Lait will make her feel pampered as she shows off the unique patterns to friends at the baby shower. For a formula feeding Mom, try a divided formula dispenser like the one made by Munchkin so she'll always have pre-measured portions ready to go.

* Medicine cabinet. Make a cute basket with the small medical essentials Mom might not have handy when needed. Mylicon, Children's Tylenol, Gripe Water, and Pedialyte are great choices. Unique baby shower gifts are not hard to find, and they are loads of fun to give.

Make sure you have a camera handy so you can capture the look on her face when she opens one of these unique gifts at the next baby shower you attend.

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