No matter how beat up the car or convenient the location, a used car lot is still a car lot filled with salesmen, taxes and more documentation than some people want to fill out. All the hassle makes it easy to understand why many people choose to purchase a used car from a private owner. Vehicle bill of sale forms are a necessity when buying from a private owner just as much as they are when buying off a lot. The used vehicle bill of sale ensures both parties involved are taken care of should anything go awry. As long as you own a word processing program and a printer, you can print out a free used car bill of sale form for yourself. No hassle and very little effort.

Things You Will Need

computer word processing program printer

Step 1

Write the make, model and VIN number, which is usually located on the drivers door about where the shutting mechanism is, at the top of the receipt.

Step 2

Note the condition of the car. This may take a few lines and each line should have very detailed explanations of any damage that may be found on the car as well as any guarantees you are making, such as the carburetor is new so if it goes out within a year the buyer should return to you to get it replaced.

Step 3

Leave a blank for the price. Fill it in only once the seller and buyer reach an agreement on the price.

Step 4

Create an amount paid line. The seller will either copy the price agreed if the car was paid for in full or, if the buyer will be making payments, put the amount paid upfront along with how much each following payment should consist of.

Step 5

Use two lines at the bottom, marked buyer and seller, and sign the correct line to complete the agreement.

Step 6

Be certain you both have a copy for records and it will all have gone much more easily than if you had gone to a dealer. You should now have a free used car bill of sale form that will be legal in court if anything should go wrong with this transaction.

Tips & Warnings

Used vehicle bill of sale forms come with an 'as is' sale expectation. This means the car comes as it is, with no further expectations from the seller to repair it, unless the seller promises something in addition to the as is receipt.