How to Make Weight Loss a Laughing Matter

Some time ago – 5 or 6 years maybe – while lying on the couch flipping through channels (yes, I do lie on the couch) after a long day of work and mommy duty, I stumbled across a standup comedy act. I didn’t know his name at the time, but I was immediately drawn in by his strategic ability to laugh at himself. Of course many comedians make their living by poking fun at their circumstances, but this guy had an ease about himself that made me believe that his humor was more than just an act. Life really seemed funny to him – stage or not. Hilarious.

And so began my love affair with Kevin Hart. Sure, he can be over the top sometimes, but so what? He constantly reminds me that life is too short (pun intended) to take everything so seriously. Humor can be found in things that theoretically shouldn’t be funny.  I read an article recently about a woman who insisted on dancing to The Happy Song as she went into the operating room for a double mastectomy. Not surprising, the surgery went perfectly and she had a “miraculous” recovery.

Why so serious?

Weight loss and body image are other areas where the serious face shows up. Hopping on the scale every day and agonizing over every pound and calorie is as fun as pulling teeth out with pliers. Stop it. It’s not that serious. Other than the obvious health benefits, one of the main reasons people want to lose weight is because they want to feel confident and sexy and look better in their clothes. Confidence and sexiness come from the inside out. Starting to feel that way internally will help it manifest externally. If you felt sexy and you wanted to stay that way, what would you eat? How would you take care of yourself? Be easy with yourself. Have fun with it.

Here are 3 ways to lighten up (no pun intended) when you’re feeling bummed about weight loss:

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Find a Laugh

When you are having an especially bad day and feel like only ice cream will do, try finding a laugh first. YouTube has a ton of videos of comedians that can give you just the laugh you need to brighten your mood and help you stay focused on your goals.

Bust a Move

One of my favorite ways to beat the blues is to blast my music at home and have my own personal dance party. Instead of contemporary music, try jamming to something nostalgic from your childhood.

Watch an Old Comedy

Check Netflix for one of your favorite comedy movies. Taking your mind off both losing weight AND food with some laughter may be just the thing you need to get back on track.

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