Basic Chair

One of the amazing things that many people can gain from a wicker rocking chair is the fact that they are so versatile for their home and sometimes even office spaces. They honestly will go with anything that you could possibly want to create in your room or outside environment. Many people enjoy this kind of wicker chair simply due to the fact that they are extremely comfortable to sit in and help pass the time. One issue that many people come across and ask is what can I do to make my wicker rocking chair fit the rest of my house when I decorate for the holidays? What can I do to make sure that my environment that I have created still fits with the changes that happen throughout the year? Well this all can be answered with one easy change that many overlook or just do not think about.

Wicker rocking chair cushions are probably the only thing that is not permanent on the chair that can help tie your rocking chair in with the rest of your home decorations. If your chair came with one or not, a chair cushion is a perfect example of what you can do to accent the look of the room and the time of year it may be. From holidays like: Presidents Day, Valentines Day, St. Patricks day, Mothers day, Thanksgiving, Fathers day, Fourth of July, Mt. Luther King Day, Labor Day, Easter, Halloween, or Christmas and New Years. Or even just the season that has a direct relation to the weather like: fall, winter, spring, or summer. These are great examples to help you tie your rocking chair fit the season that is at the particular time of the year you have an interest in. Many home decorations change consistently and yearly so why not have your rocking chair do the same.

Well the next question is ok I have decided what I want to change my chair cushions to and the look I want to tie into but how do I do this. The easiest way is to hit the clearance racks at your local material or fabric store. There are countless numbers of different patterns, colors, and textures depending on what the season is. All you have to do is make a pillow cover for your particular rocking chair pad or cushion. Another great thing to look into is existing slip covers or pillow cases that may be able for you to just slip your cushion into. This is a great way to protect your wicker rocking chairs from spills and still keep the chair matching with the season. After you pick what seasons and occasions that you like to match to your decorations you can always save the existing chair seat cushion covers and wash and reuse them for the next year. Hopefully this has helped you in trying to match your wicker rocking chair to the season. They really do not have to look the same all year long if you do not want them to. They can be made to be a great addition to your homey decorative feel.