Silver is a hot commodity and unlike gold, investing in silver is cheap and something every person can do. Many investors are scared of investing in silver and gold, but the fact is many people are making money in both, especially silver.

Things You Will Need

Cash and time.

Step 1

Invest when the price is down not up. Like any stock or bond, buy when the market seems down or in the case of silver, when it is having a bad day. Silver has been on a great run, like gold, so getting in can be tough.

Step 2

Watch the spot price, which is the price shown on the likes of CNBC and Fox Business News. Set a target price and when the price hits that target, get into the silver. This may take sometime and the target price may need adjusting, but be patient.

Step 3

Understand exactly what the investment should be. Silver can come in many different forms, targeting one is the prudent thing to do. Becoming an expert in say the American Silver Eagles for example, will help maximize the return.

Step 4

Understand that both gold and silver are long term investments to some extent. It is unlikely an investor will buy silver today and turn a large profit tomorrow. However, it is possible to turn small profits in a short period of time.

Step 5

Become an educated investors and take nothing for granted. Learn the dealers, the silver and how much it is really worth. This will help investors from being taken.

Silver is a great investment tool for so many, but like any investment it can be risky. Also, understand the meaning of premiums.

Tips & Warnings

Never jump into anything and remember if it is too good to be true, it likely is.