The Internet has made many things easier, such as finding information and teaching resources. The Internet offers thousands of resources for teachers or parents wishing to further children’s education using worksheets. Many websites allow customizing of worksheets on a variety of topics, including math, science, reading and writing. Many of these worksheets are ideal for all age groups, from Kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade. Use these customzoed worksheets as seatwork or at home to work with your children on a particular topic. 

Step 1

Determine what information you want the worksheets to contain. Do you want a math worksheet, writing worksheet, vocabulary sheet or pre-test? The information that you want on the sheet will determine the process of how to make it. Try to focus on one particular theme to avoid overwhelming or confusing the children in the classroom. 

Step 2

Find a worksheet-making website., Writing, School, Math Worksheet and Worksheet all offer worksheet building tools for all age levels. Input the date you want to teach and they will  format the worksheets for you; some sites add graphics to the worksheets. Find sites that focus specifically on the topics or levels that you want to focus on. Use specifics from the classroom, such as focusing on words the children commonly misspell, or to complete multiplication drills. For lower grades, try formatting the worksheets to focus directly on a letter or word of the week. 

Step 3

Enter in the appropriate data into the website. For younger students you can make letter worksheets, sound sheets, number sheets, basic math sheets, pattern sheets or basic science sheets. For older students, you can make math drills, composition worksheets, vocabulary words and test prep. Click the button to complete the worksheet. Many of the websites will give you a preview image of the finished worksheet. Make any adjustments as necessary to finish the worksheet.

Step 4

Print as many copies of the worksheet as you need. At home, you may only need one copy, but for a classroom setting, you may need 20 or more worksheets. Continue to make as many different worksheets as you need using the different online programs. Some websites allow you to save the information you entered for future visits so that you can print more of the same worksheet, or so that you can come back and make small changes to a template that you created in the past.