There are many ways you can make your blog more appealing. If you spruce up your blog some it can vastly increase the number of page views you get. Visitors will not only return to your blog but will be more apt to click through multiple pages.

Blog Template

If you are using the default WordPress template then you are wasting your time. You need to at least use a free template to spruce up your blog and make it more appealing to your readers. A better thing to do is to either purchase a custom template that is either in very limited use or even better pay a professional WordPress template maker to create a totally custom and unique template for your blog.

Most everybody has read the TMZ blog before. Go look at the TMZ blog right now. Now imagine if the TMZ blog had the default WordPress theme on it. Yucky right! A great looking theme for your blog is a necessity.

Another item to look at is making sure your blog is easy to read. Some blogs use color variations that make it very hard to read the articles without getting a headache.


Interaction with your blogs visitors is vital. Make it easy for readers to leave comments. Let the visitors vote on there favorite posts and allow them to rate each post. Make the blog reader feel welcomed and they will return and b e a loyal reader of your blog.

Interesting Content

Make your blog posts fun to read. Maybe add a little bit of comedy to them. Quality content that is interesting and fun to read will lead many first time visitors to your blog to return again. Return visitors in addition to new visitors from Google searches will help boost your hit counter as long as you keep quality content posted on a regular basis.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free to use. If you are not currently using Google Analytics to track you blogs stats you need to add it now. There is a lot of useful stuff you can learn from Google Analytics. One of the great thing sis you can see what search terms visitors use to find you blog postings. If you notice a certain trend such as a few visitors punching in Kool-Aid For Fat Guys then you could write an article about Kool-Aid For Fat Guys.

Big MelonsImages

Images help break up the monotony of a static page of text. Images help emphasize the finer points of your blog post. Images on blogs are just fun too look at. Make sure each of your blog posts contains at least one image.

Guest Bloggers

Having a fellow blogger guest post on your blog is a win/win/win situation. The reader of the blog gets to read an article from a new write which will help make your blog more appealing. The guest blogger will get a new following of fans and traffic to his or her blog. You as the owner of the blog will get a link back from the guest bloggers own blog which means new traffic and potentially new followers for your blog.

No Annoying Ads

By using Adsense you can keep your blog loading fast and not irk the reader off. If you have a slow loading flash banner ads or whirring gifs spinning around it will annoy the reader and the will simply hit the back button on there browser and never return again.

Custom Logo

Pay a website graphic designer to make you a unique and custom logo. The logo will help brand your website. If you do not have a custom logo you will need to get one soon.


Design a new header or have the web graphics guy that did your custom logo design a new one for you. You can use a custom header to help emphasize your blog and make it appear more attractive to help encourage repeat visitors to your blog.

No Auto Play

There is nothing more annoying then going to a blog or website and a music clip or video begins to play automatically. Don't do it! If a customer wants to play a video they can press the play button on there own


If you have a link to your bloggers bio then make it amusing. Do not talk yourself up like you are King Of the World. Make fun of yourself and point out your fallacies so that readers of the blog will smile, laugh, and be able to relate to you. If you make yourself out to be a know it all then your readers that do stick around will constantly be trying to prove you wrong.

Easy To Read

make sure your text is easy to read and do not use bright colors that may mute the text unless the bright colors goes with your blogs niche and target audience.


When you create new ways to make your blog more appealing to readers you will be able to consistently increase the number of page views you get each month. The more page views you get the more money you can make off of ads with Google Adsense.

If you are not receiving many return visitors to your blog or the average number of page views per visitor is extremely low then you must immediately start looking at which things you will implement to help increase the appeal of your blog.

In the early days of the internet you could have successful Geo Cities website with spinning gifs and web pages with "Under Construction" graphics. Today the world wide web has changed drastically. No longer ill you get rich with a crappy looking website. There are a few websites that look like crap and make a lot of money but if you are entering the game new then you need your blog to appeal to a wide range of visitors. It is now easier then ever to get rich with a blog by using Google Adsense but you must be willing to put in a lot of work and make the blog appeal to a lot of people. Image Credit: (Flickr/