There is a lot of talk about whether a woman can naturally make her boobs bigger without the need for plastic surgery. And there are a lot of scams out there that make fantastic claims that their product can enlarge a woman's breast by 1-2 cup sizes. But are these methods legitimate or would a woman be better off saving her money by not spending it on herbal alternatives in regards to getting bigger breasts? In this article, I intend to discuss how to make your boobs bigger and if there really is natural alternative to increasing breast size without surgery.

Can You Make Your Breasts Get Bigger Naturally?

The easiest way (and natural) to growing bigger boobs is to simply gain weight. The problem is that most of the time, the fat deposits won't go to your breasts but will first add bulk to your hips, butt, and sometimes even your stomach. And since, for most women, this is likely not a good option (after all, it is a trade off- You may get bigger boobs but your would also be getting bigger everything else as well), the better question would be how to make your boobs bigger WITHOUT gaining weight, right?

Well, the short answer is that there is really no way to make them grow naturally. However, there are some things that will make your breasts appear larger. Here are some tips:

  • Improve your posture- If you walk with your head high and your shoulders back, then your breasts will look bigger.
  • Improve the muscle tone around the deltoids- This is the muscle that supports your breasts and just by firming it up, you will have not only nicer looking breasts but they will also look bigger.
  • Exercise- Many people think that exercise will actually decrease breast size and while this may be true for the ultra athlete who doesn't need the excess weight, it isn't true for the typical woman. By exercise (which includes weight training), you are going to make areas of your body smaller which will accentuate the parts of your body that are bigger (your breasts).
  • Buy a push-up bra- A push up bra may not increase your breast size but will make your chest look firmer and rounder. And as a guy, I can totally affirm that it isn't the size of the is the shape that matters most.
  • Birth Control may increase breast size- Many women claim that their boobs got bigger once they got on birth control.
  • Having a baby may increase breast size- Obviously, when you are pregnant, you will increase the size of your breasts. But even once pregnancy has ended, many times your breasts will not return back to their original size. This happened with my wife. Of course, when this happens, it may or may not be the type of breast increase that you want.

Debunking Breast Enlargement Myths

There are many myths that you will see people advertise in relation to growing boobs. They are all myths and aren't supported by any scientific fact. They are just there to try to make sales from desperate women who are willing to believe anything.

If a product claims that rubbing something on your breasts will increase boob size, run in the other direction. This includes things like cocoa butter, toothpaste, hot sauce or any type of lotion.

If a product claims that certain foods will enhance boob size, run in the opposite direction. Some of the claims I have seen involve eating corn, bananas, meat and pickles among other things. There is not a single doctor that will affirm this that is reputable.

There are many women who believe that if they eat bad food that they will get bigger breasts. This is probably the worst suggestion of every myth I have seen. Will you get thick? Sure....but you will also be doing your body a disservice by increasing fat on your body in all of the areas of your body including your breasts. Fatty tissues in the breast aren't influenced as much by weight gain as most women would hope and to increase your breast size even one cup may mean that you will need to get fat to do so.

Will Massaging your Breasts Make them Grow?

There is another myth out there that claims that a simple breast massage will make your boobs get bigger. This is a myth and there isn't one true thing about it. Once again, you won't find a reputable doctor that would verify that claim. Some women have claimed that indeed massaging your boobs will make them larger but the reality is that in most cases, it is what I would consider to be the placebo affect.

What a breast massage will do is help to increase blood circulation around your chest and there may be some suttle benefits to doing so.


In the end, probably the best options for women who want to increase the size of their breasts and do so in a healthy and safe fashion is to either get on birth control or exercise and tone up their bodies to where their body size is smaller, thus making their breasts appear larger.

What would be the better option though would be to become more self confident with your body and not care how big or small your boobs are. As a guy, I can attest to the fact that most guys are happy with breasts both large and small and in the end it really isn't about the size of the breast but the firmness and suppleness of it. The reality is that most guys don't care about is the look and feel. And not worrying about the size of your breast is the best advice that a guy could give a girl. Believe it or not, men don't necessarily care as much about boob size as you may think. Most of us are happy just to have boobs around.