It is in the nature of dogs to “understand” what the owner is saying based on the tone and the pitch of his voice. Furthermore, this is also the only way in which you will be able to make your pet distinguish between the good and bad things, between the times you are praising or rebuking it. Because of this, it is very important for you to know how to pick the perfect pitch and make your dog pay more attention to you and, of course, establish an even stronger bond.

The Proper Tuning

First of all, you will definitely need to consider looking at the pet while talking to it if you want to get its attention. Only in this way you will make sure that it completely understands that you are trying to communicate something and will concentrate on the words you are about to say.

In addition to this, be aware of the fact that you should always start a conversation by calling its name. This will make it even more convinced about being part of the conversation and you will be able to achieve the right results faster and with the least amount of effort from your side.

Next, you will need to figure out a tone of your voice that you do not use very often. It is very important to use this technique because your dog will be able to notice the obvious difference in your voice in this way. You should also be upbeat and as positive as possible at all times.

Choosing Your Pitch

When it comes to the actual tone of your voice, you should know that there are three basic types that are completely understandable by your pet. First, there is the high pitched tone, which will always be interpreted as an invitation for it to play with you. Then, an ordinary tone should be used as instruction, whereas a reprimand should always be transmitted through a low pitch.

Even though this might seem pretty obvious at first sight, there are some dog owners who really get into trouble at this point. A concrete example is related to the situation when the owner gets upset for some reason and tends to have a higher voice pitch. In this case, a reprimand will be interpreted as an invitation to play.

Therefore, you should always try to put as much effort as possible when it comes to communicating with your pet because this is the only way to obtain a good response from your animal. If you manage to adapt your voice to different situations successfully, your communication will be improved significantly.

All in all, you should always remember that in order to make your dog understand you better, you should associate a high pitch voice with an action that is rather fun and a low one with reprimands. These two simple aspects will help you make a real difference and the pup-owner communication will become a better one with every single day.