How to get the plastic surgery look without surgery!

Everyone wants to have big, beautiful eyes. "Eye jobs", or Blepharoplasty, is one of the common reasons women invest in plastic surgery. But for most of us, surgery is not an option. But what if we could improve the look of our eyes without it? Here are some tips to help your eyes look their very best.

Stencil and groom your eyebrows. Thick and full brows will draw more positive attention to this area of your face without needing a lot of makeup. Draw out the pieces you want to remove with a beige eyeliner to avoid over-plucking. Groom them and fill in with color if necessary when you do your make-up.

Invest in a good quality mascara. A good mascara and proper application will help your lashes stand out and frame your eyes. Avoid over-coating your lashes, use long, outward strokes to cover them fully without clumping. 

Fade your eyeliner. Rather than use a solid line, concentrate the thickness on the middle of your upper lash line, and fade to the side. Keeping the color focused on the highest and lowest points will give your eyes a wider, more youthful appearance.

Lighten it up! Use a light-colored, shimmering shadow where your nose meets the corner of your eyes. Use it just under your brow line on the sides as well to create a light-reflecting, eye-opening effect.

Change it up! Try a blue eyeliner. The blue color will help bring out the whites of your eyes, making them look larger. If you have blue eyes, try using brown/black mascara; it will make the blue of your eyes pop.

Double up your mascara. Do more than one coat for a more emphasized appearance. But focus on the top lashes with this technique; too much on your bottom lashes will make your make-up look over-done.

Eyelash curlers are your friend! Start at the root of your lashes, curl, then curl again a few more times moving down the lash to avoid a crimped look. Make sure your curler isn't gunked up with old mascara, and make sure you curl BEFORE applying mascara.

Crease to impress. Follow the natural crease of your eye with your eye shadow, and don't go further. This will accentuate the shape of your eyes instead of making them look lopsided.

Color your world! But make sure its color that looks good on you. Not everybody can pull off purple eyeshadow. Green eyes look best with warm, sandy hues. Brown eyes are flattered by pinks and golds, and blues compliment everyone. Experiment and find what works with your eyes and skin tone. You may be surprised what a difference a change of color can make! 

Glasses make perfect. If you wear glasses, try wearing light colors on your lids. This will draw attention to your eyes through the glasses.

Bag those bags! Use a peachy pink concealer under your eyes rather than yellow based to cover those dark circles. The orange undertones cover the blue better then a yellow shade.

Don't go overboard. Keep most of your eyeshadow color primarily around the lash line. This creates more definition to your eyes. It's tempting to apply color all the way up to your brow line, but this will blur the shape of your eyes. Use foundation or a skin-hued shadow higher up on your eye area for more definition.

Shading makes perfect. Try using a lighter shade of eye color in the middle of your lid, and a darker color in the corners. This will further define the shape of your eyes.

Faslies can work wonders. If your lashes just aren't doing it for you, try a pair of false eyelashes. They're not for everyone, but if your eyes need a real pick-me-up they are just the thing to make your eyes look amazing.

Pump it up! Using a bright-colored lipstick without eyeshadow or mascara will make your eyes look bigger. Just smooth things a bit with concealer, paint your lips, and you're good to go! [1078][1078]