How to set up a great web site, FAST!

Web Hosting with no HTMLCredit: javrsmith

Back in the olden days, say 1995, if you wanted to set up a web page, you had to use Hyper-Text Markup Language, (HTML). This was a system of tags that told computers how text was supposed to be displayed. You added a bunch of text, put tags around it and you would get a web page. Once you linked a bunch of pages together, you would have a web site. Those early web pages, however, were pretty rudimentary. Still, the web masters of the day were able to get some fine web sites established. Mostly, this was due to their skill with HTML and their basic design abilities.

Now in the second decade of the new millennium, web sites can be established much easier, quicker and at a cost that is a fraction of 1995 rates. Today, you can have a web site based on the content that you want to present. The bulk of the HTML work is eliminated. In fact, you can establish a whole web site with dozens of pages working together that present your articles, receive comments and provide automatic emails - all of this without you having to use HTML at all. More good news - you can even have a free web site, too.

How, you may ask, is this possible? How can you set up a fully functional web site without using HTML at all? The ability is provided by a number of hosting platforms that allow you to set up a free web site and start publishing content right away. The site has automatic page builders that write the HTML for you. You concentrate on the content. Depending on your web site's use, you may find that one of these sites is perfect for you.

Here are a couple of options for you to consider:

Free web site with WordpressCredit: javrsmith Free Web Site
This is a hosting site that give users the ability to quickly establish web sites. These are displayed by the Wordpress engine. This application takes your content and displays it in your chosen format. After you register with the site, you activate a theme for the web site. The theme is the overall style that all of your web pages will use. It specifies whether the web pages are split into 1, 2 or 3 screen columns, what the predominant colors will be, what special features will be used and much more. There are a large number of themes to chose from. Some themes have a nominal charge but many are available for free. The "Twenty Eleven", (2011), theme is new, stylish and free. There is also a "Twenty Ten" theme that many people use and there are dozens, (hundreds?), more to chose from. You can preview the theme and find one that you like.

With a theme activated, you can start to add your content. The main purpose of the web site will be displayed on the start page. You can add an introductory message and some photos to the main page. You can then add additional pages for specific details that you wish to display. All of the added pages will automatically be linked to the main page.

You should know that you cannot put advertising on them. Many people establish web sites and use display advertising to earn revenue. This is not possible with a free Wordpress web site. Luckily, there are web hosts that allow you to monetize your site. These also use Wordpress so if you establish a free site, you can move it to a hosted site, with ads, later on.

Free web hosting with BloggerCredit: javrsmith

This is the free blog host platform owned by Google. Unlike many others, this platform does allow you to put Google display ads on the screen. It also has theme settings although there aren't as many themes available. Blogger was much more popular in the recent past but it can still be a good choice for a web site today. It is easy to use, very functional and it requires no HTML knowledge. Web sites developed on Blogger, however, are basically stuck on the platform. You can't move to a different host platform in the future. This may not be a concern for you, though.

If you do want to monetize your Blogger site, you should follow a few steps to ensure success. The primary way to host ads is with a Google Adsense account. You must apply for this after you have a certain amount of reasonable content on your web site. While there is no set amount of content, the practical minimum is 10 articles. Some authors have found that they can establish a Blogger account, write 10 quality pages and then apply for a Google Adsense account. The site will be reviewed and a decision made on whether it is acceptable. If for any reason it is not, you can post another 10 articles to the site and apply again. Once you have your Adsense account, you can also use it to monetize your Infobarrel content.

Common issues with free web sites
Your free web site will be ready to go moments after you establish your account. It should work well, delivering your content to the world. Because distinct web addresses cost money, your free account will be established with a generic web address. You will get one based on your registered name. For example, "Bob's Fish and Chips", might have a free web site at You can pay a nominal fee to have your own web address established. If you do, you can have your site at an address like

Another limitation of the free sites is the amount of disk space and transfer quota that you receive. For most people, (like Bob's Fish and Chips), the quotas will likely be more than adequate. If you intend to display a lot of photos or videos, you may run into the quotas. If you intend to have large, visual web sites, you may want to avoid free web sites altogether.

For many purposes, the free web site option may be just what you need. Depending on your intended use of the web site, you may want to get started with a free site and start delivering your content in minutes.