Perhaps the best thing you could do to your man is make him smile and keep that smile on his face for the rest of your life. It is hard to do this knowing that situations in the present world do not welcome a smile most of the time. The pressures that the modern lifestyle has provided have made almost everybody working very hard to cope with the lifestyle, hence it’s usually very hard to afford a smile let alone laugh aloud. The modern way of living is not what everybody wants yet in order to be at par with everybody else around, each individual is working very hard in order to afford a lifestyle that could not be left behind. Of course if the lifestyle changes so does ones outlook of life and sometimes it could also change a person’s attitudes towards things around him. Many people today are pressured by work and the many complex things around that causes one to become irritable and hot tempered.

Well, there are different ways of making your guy smile. This depends on what you want to give your guy in order to keep that smile all the time. Whether your guy is home exhausted or your guy is in the worst mood, the important thing is you know how to make your guy smile. Do not listen to your friend who advises you to leave your guy alone if he is in a bad mood. You have to have something for him that will make him really smile. You cannot keep your guy for a long time if you cannot help him forget about his problem.

Suppose, just suppose your guy arrived and he bangs the door when he enters the house. The bad timing is that you are also tired because you just came from work or you are exhausted too because you are a stay at home mom who takes care of all the mess in the house including children to take care. So, when your guy enters the house in a bad mood, you will not have second thoughts shouting at him. So the result is often times a confrontation, quarrel or a fight. Either way, it is still improper for a woman to do that to his guy. That is if you want a harmonious relationship.

Let’s face it, nobody will put up with a man’s bad temper if you are also tired. But the thing is, do you want a harmonious life or you would rather fight back and have it your way too? I can’t think of a person who does not want a harmonious life with her family. So this is what you must do if you want to make your guy smile.

The first and the most important thing is to always give your guy something to think of. Of course, this must be something very especial and very important for him to remember. Treat him like a king even if he is sometimes the worst man you have met in this world. Yes, men are sometimes unpredictable but if he is a good man more than a bad man, why not? I have a friend who says, she hates her husband but her husband is such a clown that she loves him anyway. I don’t really understand what she meant by that but the way I look at it, it could be their little secret behind closed doors.

The next thing that would make your guy smile would be something not everybody could give their man. Give him food that he could swallow. Yes, man loves food and not just food but good food. If your man says that he cannot swallow what you cook for him, change your method of cooking and serve him the best food he could eat with a big smile on his face. If you see your man smiling when you eat, then you know that you have passed his culinary taste.

Romance him in the right way and the right time. By romance I mean not locking yourself inside the bedroom but doing things that will make your man happy and content. Perhaps there are people who can never be content with what the woman could do to them but I don’t think a man will not love a woman who could make him feel like he was in heaven with her massage blended with caress. If you see that your man is too tired and needs to relax, do not let him endure the pain in his neck and back. Give him a hot shower then get ready to give him a good massage. Apply an aromatic oil or cream for his back massage and make him feel that he is floating in the air. If he sleeps, leave him alone to rest. If he wakes up, you will experience the difference in how he looks at you with that sweet smile and you know what that means if you are keen enough to sense it.

What else could you do to make your guy smile? Talk to him like he is the best man in this world. Man loves a woman who talks instead of nags. A nagger is one of the worst types of woman that man hates so refrain from being a nagger. Talk to your man and talk to him like he knows everything. Good communication is what a man wants from his woman. If there are things that need to be resolved, don’t shout or don’t slap the issue on his face, instead talk to him or ask him why, because talking is the best way to resolve problems. If there are problems, give him a space to breath. Do not force him to do what he cannot do now. Always give him time to think. If you could help then work together like partners.

Another important thing is to show him that you respect and trust him. Respect and trust are very important. If you respect your man chances are that he will also respect you and trust you. Keep the trust and respect intact in the relationship so that you could move on together. Learn to appreciate his efforts and achievements and he will do the same thing to you. Your man is your partner who wants your support, respect and trust. Give him that and he will love you forever.

As a woman you must also know how to be organized and know how to manage a home as well as financial matters.  Men love women who know how to take care of the family and the family budget. If you want your man to really smile and keep that smile intact for the rest of your life then do something about it. It is rare nowadays to find partners who are happy and content living together for a long time but you can do it with some tips and secrets that you could plan.