As a new husband, I can honestly say that there are certain things that my new wife does that make me happy. Of course, with marriage just as much as pre-marital dating and courting, there should definitely be a bilateral pursuit of trying to constantly and simultaneously make each other happy. Just because a couple may be married now does mean that this give and take should always be one sided. While I strive to make my wife happy, I hope that those reading this article can take notes and learn from the many things that my wife does that make me happy.

Do even one or two of these things, and you can certainly make your husband's day and nurture your marriage. A billboard displayed prominently on the highway leading to my house bears the words "What have you done for your Marriage today?". That single insightful questions has spurred both of us to do little things that make each other happy.

Things You Will Need

a Husband
a Wife

Step 1

Men come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. From cool and collected to wildly anxious, understanding these emotions and learning to really listen to him can make him happy. Of course, this should not just be one sided, however, just by simply listening to your significant other you'll have a headstart over many couples. In the rush of modern society, when a wife is supportive to this extent, it speaks highly to a man and subtly reinforces the love he has for her. No matter how long ago the wedding was, simply listening never gets old in a relationship.

Step 2

Besides listening, a husband can be made happy by your being supportive, as well. Whether he has a great job, or is struggling to find work, the supportive wife will stand by his side, understand his feelings, and even accompany him in his job search. From looking and searching online, to actually visiting possible employers, knowing that he has a partner, even in difficult times, can certainly make for a happy husband and a happy marriage.
On the other side of the coin, while a wife should be supportive, she should also try to be realistic when addressing her husband's hopes and dreams. Numerous case studies have been made regarding people who have defied the odds. Your husband may have it in him to develop a million dollar corporation under his oversight, however, men can also be directionless and fleeting. Pay attention to him, and while you are supportive, try to speak up if you do have doubts about something he is pursuing. Men do value honesty and integrity, and, by showing those attributes, you can help make your husband happy.

Step 3

It has been said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Unless your husband is dealing with bouts of anorexia, or has a subtle disgust for food, this statement will ring true for most men. While it is a great idea to share in the food preparation responsibilities, rather than continually go out to restaurants, a simple made-at-home meal can go a long way. On the other side of the coin, if you ever want your husband to cook for you, it may be in your best interest to train and supervise him, at least until you are fairly confident that he won't burn your house down.

Step 4

Just as he 'should' attend to your happiness, so also can you do subtle things to show your love on a level that men will understand. As primitive creatures occasionally, leaving subtle notes of reminders of appointments or tasks that need to be done can go a very long way with a man who is very task-oriented, yet has a tendency to forget things. His memory may slip, however, catering and addressing his flaws proactively can speak very highly of you and your love for him.

Step 5

When in frustration or despair, men have a tendency to withdraw into the furthest confines of a dark room. As a wife, it helps to anticipate these emotions and console him, if necessary. Most men may perceive crying as a sign of weakness, but, when he is sending off bad vibes, you will probably be able to sense that something is wrong. Don't be overly exertive in these situations, although, it doesn't hurt to show him that you love and care about him.

Step 6

Share a drink with him. Sometimes going out to a bar for a beer with his buddies may not cut it for him. After a long days work, break out a bottle of wine, and share a glass with him while watching your favorite show or simply engaging in conversation. Your marriage can benefit greatly just by sharing in and enjoying each other's presence, whether you are actually talking or not.

Love and marriage can be a tricky beat to tame at times. Ultimately, however, the assumption is that both individuals should be trying their hardest to make each other happy. If one person isn't holding up their end, let them know. From dishwashing to flower purchasing, addressing the feelings and needs of a husband can help a marriage progress and grow, however, that doesn't mean that the woman should do all the work. When she gives, give back....and, if she doesn't, it doesn't hurt to be the initiator from time to time. The juices of love can remain flowing and lively if both partners truly strive to make the other happy.

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