Admit it. When you and your partner decided to get married, you truly believe that forever exists. You believe that as long as you love each other, you can overcome every obstacle that life throws at you. Unfortunately, there are times when staying happily married is easier said than done. When reality starts to set in and you have your first real argument with your spouse, you suddenly realize that your partner isn't perfect.

If you want to work on your marriage, the first thing you need to know is that marriage requires effort and work. A happy marriage will not happen on its own. Your marriage needs to be nurtured and tended to. Remember also that marriage is about two people who need to be cherished, valued, respected, and listened to. With this in mind, here are some basic guidelines to help you and your partner work on your marriage.

Stop Blaming Your Spouse: Although this is a very hard thing to do, you still need to try to avoid placing blame on the person you are with. According to studies, about 90% of the frustrations we feel with our spouse come from our own past. In addition, when you and your spouse encounter conflict in your relationship, do not give up or start blaming each other. You have to realize that conflict helps deepen your relationship into true love, especially when you learn how to work out your differences in creative ways. In fact, conflict can be an indicator that it is time for your relationship to grow.

Practice Open Communication: You and your spouse should always keep your line of communication open. If you are having a hard time communicating your feelings or if you fail to listen to your spouse, you need to learn how to be better. Good communication involves the ability to express and listen.

Never Take Your Spouse For Granted: As previously mentioned, you and your spouse deserve to be appreciated and loved. With that in mind, you should be able to express your love and appreciation for your partner by telling him/her how grateful you are to have them as your partner for life.

Accept That Your Spouse Is Not Perfect: Before and even after a few months of your marriage, you might have believed that your spouse is perfect. Now that you have spent years with them, you have realized that they are far from it. Do not be frustrated about such things and avoid dwelling on the small issues. You should find ways to accept, adapt, and live with the little quirks and issues that annoy you.

Following these tips will help your marriage go a long way. It is crucial to try to work out your marriage to avoid huge conflicts and problems. Staying blissfully married is not impossible as long as you know how to handle problems and conflicts.