One of the scariest things for people who move to Alaska is fear of the unknown. A lot of people are interested in moving to Alaska. Some of these people that get interested in the State of Alaska will eventually move up to Alaska. The excitement of the move to Alaska can be like a fresh adventure, a life changing adventure, but the fear of the unknown will still linger. How can you ensure that you can move to Alaska and not be forced to return back home to live with mommy?

Scout it out

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If you are fascinated by Alaska and have decided you wish to move there then I commend you for this. The Great State of Alaska is truly an amazing place. Each part of the State is vastly different. The Kenai Peninsula, The interior, and all the other sections of Alaska are different from each other. You may find that you do not like living in Fairbanks as much as you do in Ketchikan. One of the best things to do is scout out the State of Alaska before you move there. Obviously you cannot see the entire State but you can do a few things to at least get a feel for it.

Once you visit Alaska on vacation you will then either decide you want to return to Alaska on vacation or you want to return to live. One of the easiest ways to see Alaska is by going on a 7 day or longer Alaskan cruise. You can cruise up the Inside Passage and get a feel for this part of Alaska. It will probably inspire you to want to learn even more. If you have been wanting to move to Alaska then this trip will encourage you. It is important because you will learn a lot about Alaska but there is so much more than simple the Inside passage when you cruise to Alaska. You may also want to extend your cruise for a week by taking a land tour of Denali National Park.

Get a Job

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It is vital that you can get work. Many people who struggle in Alaska do not have a job. It can be very helpful o line up a job in advance of moving to Alaska. You may not get the ideal job you are looking for but it will give you a strong start.  You may have dreams of Working on the North Slope in the oil industry or crab fishing like they do on the Deadliest Catch television show. One of the easiest jobs to get and to use as a stepping stone into more lucrative jobs is the seafood processing. These guys and girls may work up to 16 hours a day in a very demanding job. If you can work the season out then you can make and save a lot of money. When the season ends you will have a good job reference and have a proven track record of someone who can work hard and be loyal to a company and not get fired. This goes a long way in this State. In the State of Alaska it is hard to be successful without a strong work ethic.

It can also be very important to have plenty of money when you travel to Alaska so you can be safe in case your job does not work out properly.

Get a Girlfriend

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Becoming successful in Alaska and not getting too homesick can be hard work but it is easier if you have a girlfriend to support you. If you get a good girl to date up in Alaska then it can make everything easier for you.

If you are a girl looking for a boyfriend then you can have your choice of a lot of different guys who are seeking female companionship. I would recommend one of the guys in the very high paying and lucrative Alaskan industries such as oil workers and fishermen.

Don’t be a Pansy

If you are a man who whines about his fingernail getting chipped then you will struggle. Even if you live in anchorage pansy boys are not as adept at living in Alaska. If you live in a rural and remote part of Alaska then being a pansy boy can actually get you killed. Don’t be a pansy if you want to live in Alaska.

Don’t be an Alcoholic or a Druggy

Alaska has a high rate of people who are alcoholics and or hooked on drugs. If you abstain from alcohol and drugs then you will hob a huge step up over other people and will be able to advance through the ranks faster at whatever career you decide on.

Drinking alcohol is also very dangerous in Alaska, especially if you are from the Lower 48. In Alaska if you get drunk and pass out then you may freeze to death. If the temperature is cooled enough you might step outside without your gloves on and then reach down and grab something and your hands become frostbit and you lose your use of them and maybe even amputated.

Beer and alcohol is also much more expensive in Alaska. If you want to get by in Alaska then abstain from drugs and alcohol and you will have a much better chance at succeeding.

Sense of Adventure

You must have a sense of Adventure if you want to live in Alaska. A true sense of adventure is easy to come by for many people who want to live in Alaska but once they get moved up there the sense of adventure slowly dissipates for them. You need to be willing to adapt and overcome any situation when you live in Alaska. Alaska is truly an adventure and you should enjoy all aspects of that adventure. Even if you choose to live in Anchorage and work at an office job it can still seem like a huge adventure compared to where you moved from.