Many people would like to have pretty salon nails, but not many like to pay the nail salon price. With a little effort you can have your salon looking fingernails without the salon price.

Things You Will Need

Solid color Nail Polish

Clear Coat Nail Polish

Nail Stickers

Step 1

You will want to have clean fingernails before you begin making your nail salon fingernails. Remove all old nail polish and wash hands with soap and water after removing the old nail polish. Make sure you completely dry your hands and pay close attention to your nails.

Step 2

Next, you will want to choose a solid nail color. Paint your finger nails using the directions on the bottle. Apply two coats of nail polish allowing the polish to dry between coats.

Step 3

Next, you will want grab a pack of previously bought nail stickers that you will enjoy seeing on your fingernails as nail art. Place each sticker on each fingernail on both hands to achieve the nail salon look.

Step 4

Grab your clear coat of nail polish, if you have a fast drying, clear drying nail polish that will work great. Apply the clear coat of nail polish to your already dried fingernails that already have nail stickers on them. You do not have to use two coats of clear polish, but I do this to better protect my freshly styled fingernails.

After you have taken the time to make your nails look salon quality without the salon price, be careful with them. Avoid activities that may cause your nail polish to chip or scrape.

Tips & Warnings

You can run your painted finger nails under cold water to help them dry faster.