In tough economic times, the chance to buy a new home may not be one dream that is realized. Credit scores are down and people are looking at ways to improve their current homes because they simply cannot buy a new home. There are three great ways to give your new home a fresh look that feels like new to you.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Change out the paint color. This may seem like an old favorite, but the choice in painting does not have to be a dull repaint. Instead, try lining out the walls for a chair rail line and painting the upper half of the wall a different color that the lower half. Don't want to commit that much time, why not just change the color on one wall of the room? That will add an entirely new dimension to the room.

Step 2

Change out the accessories. When money is tight, the furniture may have to stay, but that does not mean the home cannot be refurbished with a few new accessories. When choosing accessories, remember that the colors do not have to match the most prominent color in the room. Instead, try to add a new look by pulling some of the less bold colors into the mix.

Step 3

Check out the floors. An inexpensive change can be made to a room that is carpeted. Pulling up old carpet and laying hardwood floors can be accomplished for far less than completely remodeling the home. The new floors will bring in color and warmth where there was once carpet to be maintained. As an added plus, hardwood floors carry less dust and thus fewer allergies. The home is the place where a family should feel most comfortable. If the home is not a sanctuary, do something about it. You may not be able to afford a new home, but you can change up your current home to look like new on a very tight budget.

Tips & Warnings

Never attempt to tear up old carpet without first reading the step to laying down hardwood floors.

Try out new and bold paint colors, you may be very happy. If not, you can always repaint.