The electric guitar is unlike most instruments for a lot of reasons, but one of the less acknowledged ones is that you can customize it with ease. This is an option that many players do not bother with, but it can be worth the effort to customize a guitar and create your own unique instrument.

Custom guitars themselves can cost thousands of dollars, and not many players will be in the position to spend that kind of money. They also can take months or years for the luthier to construct based on your requirements. Why not just customize a guitar yourself for a fraction of the cost?

There are several methods of guitar modification that anyone can do without assistance. Replacing the tone and volume knobs is usually as easy as pulling the old ones off and pushing the new ones on. Most guitar stores sell replacement knobs and there are also many online vendors with large selections available.

A good choice of material for replacement guitar parts is wood. The different styles and colors of wooden guitar parts always add class and quality to the look of a guitar, but that's not the only reason to use wood. Every part of the guitar vibrates with the sound produced by the strings, so having wooden parts lets the sound vibrate favorably through them. Plastic or metal parts will usually just diminish the sound.

The pickup rings that may boarder the pickups on your guitar can also be customized, though this will require a little more work. With a screwdriver you should be able to take off the old ones and put a new pair right in their place, just make sure when you buy them that they are the same size as the old ones. Once again, the best choice for sight and sound will be wooden replacement rings.

Some more involved and costly upgrades to your guitar can be getting new pickups and tuning pegs. Having pickups replaced will most likely call for professional installation, but it should be worth it; higher quality pickups can improve the sound of your guitar like nothing else. New tuning pegs will help the guitar stay in tune, and also may require professional installation.

There are many more guitar customizations available to all different types of electric guitars than can be covered here. They range from small aesthetic upgrades to major reworking of the electronics of your instrument. The next time you are looking for a new axe, consider making your own custom guitar. It will increase the connection you have to your instrument and give you a unique guitar that no one else has.