Obstacle courses are fun activities to let your dog have some exercise. Not only does it let dogs keep healthy, obstacle courses also increase your pet's agility and obedience to their masters. Police and military dogs continuously train on as  obstacle courses. Dogs competing in the sport of dog agility also run on challenging obstacle courses. Most dogs really love this activity and have a lot of fun as long you don’t ask them to past on obstacles that they can’t do.


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Making your own doggy obstacle course in your own backyard is fairly easy. Just start on simple obstacles to make your pet ready for the tougher ones. But before you do this, ask your veterinarian first on how your pet should jump and run; fat dogs, puppies, pregnant dogs, old dogs, and lame dogs should not jump at all. Also remember to not teach your pet how to jump higher than your fence and never let them jump any fence because you don’t want to let your dog’s learn how to escape from your backyard.

All things needed are found on each activity. You don’t always need to buy things for these activities; you can use stuff that can be found on your home.

Tire Jumps

If you have a tire or a hula-hoop, you can teach your pooch to jump through it. Start by having him step though a tire whose bottom is resting on the ground. You can raise the height gradually when your pooch gets used through jumping this course. Make sure to tie the tire on four sides so it doesn’t swing back and forth and injure your pet. If you use a hula-hoop, you can hold it by hand.

High Jumps

You can use a picnic table with benches on this course. Turn the two benches on their sides for two hurdles that are about a foot high. Start with the hurdle very low, and raise it after your pet dog is clearing the present one easily.

Broad Jumps

You can use a cushion from outdoor furniture to teach your mutt the broad jump. Some dogs will just step right on it, so put crinkly newspaper on top. Most dogs don’t like to step on newspaper when they are running or jumping. Gradually move the sticks apart so there are gaps between them. Your mutt should learn not to step in the gaps, but to jump over all the sticks. Put newspaper between them if he tries to step there.


Children’s play tunnels are great for doggy obstacle courses. You can also make your own tunnel using big cardboard boxes opened in two ends, or by draping sheets over several pairs of chairs lined up in a row. Make the tunnel short at first so your hound can see how easy it is to go through. You may need a helper to call her though with a treat at first. Gradually make the tunnel longer and you could even put turns in it.

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Remember that these are only examples of simple obstacles. Start slow at first to let your dog get used to the course. You can let your dog run on tougher courses when he is used to running in a simple obstacle course.