Flower wallpaper can be a fun addition to your desktop or laptop. It's really a chance for you to experiment with color. Even if you aren't a graphic designer you can probably put together one of these pieces quite simply.

One of the simplest ways that you can really create this is to go with rose flower wallpaper. Plus all you're really going to need is a decent camera. You won't have to mess around with a lot of the scrapbooking graphics that are around. This can also be something that you can use for springtime or just if you like a feminine look. It allows you to bring the beauty of your garden into your home year round, even during those dreary winter months.

Another option is to go more with beautiful flower wallpaper. This is going to require that you do collages and the flowers are going to be more in the background. You can use a lot of free scrapbooking kits to really get this look. You can layer a lot of different papers. This can be very shabby chic because this is a very common pattern. In fact, you can even include some of your favorite family photos and then use fun frames or very ornate versions if you want to continue with that vintage kind of effect that this is going to have. This ensures that you get free desktop flower wallpaper that no one else is going to have. It's also a chance to really show off your creative side.

Another option is to go with more of a web graphic kind of look. This really almost looks like the vinyl wall decals that are popular in home decor. It's going to use a lot of shading and fabric elements on the background, but they just have the burnout of the white flower silhouette. This is one of the cooler and youthful versions that you can find because it also has more of a grunge type of effect to it. This may be a little bit difficult to create yourself. If you have a lot of Photoshop brushes you can really do this quite easily.

You can also experiment with a lot of patterns. You could take pictures of this yourself if you're worried about copyrights, which should be whenever you use any graphics. This is going to be a more youthful and retro design style. In fact you could probably even make one of these patterns yourself and paint it. This is just going to focus in on a few petal shapes and you could just make it a simple tile and put it on repeat. If you're using this design for kids then go with a lot of hot pinks and oranges works but if you're using it for yourself keep it a little bit sophisticated with white, tan, and blue. Sure, none of these vibrant colors are actually found on real flowers but that's the great thing about flower wallpaper that you can get almost any color palette.