Landscape design is a method to make your front yard look more attractive and more aesthetically pleasing. You can achieve this by including a combination of colors, diverse selection of plants, a creative display or arrangement of the different objects, and the overall uniformity of the elements to create an impactful design.

You may not be completely satisfied with how your garden looks in current form. In fact, you probably known deep in your heart that you can improve and make your garden better. But before you attempt this, there are important considerations to look at in order to create a superior landscape design. Some elements to pay attention to are: color, line, form, texture, and scale.

Improve your garden or yard's landscape by following these landscape design program steps:

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Start evaluating your garden before doing anything else

Evaluate Your Current Landscape Design

It is important to take a look at your garden and rate it according to the different elements of a good landscape design. When you do this, make a checklist and note down the areas that needs improvement in terms of color, arrangement, theme and alignment. Write down every unsatisfactory element of your landscape that you notice.

Step 2

sorting of plants and other accesories will make your garden looks impressive

Sort the Plants and Remove the Unnecessary.

After evaluating your garden, it is time for you to identify which plants, accessories, and other objects should remain and which ones should be removed. You can easily accomplish this by checking the pots if they are consistent in terms of size, color and shape or style. You should also check on the plants and decide which ones do not belong to the group. Then examine which of your plants require trimming or even complete replacement. Do not forget also to check on the grass and make sure that you will have a well-trimmed yard and enough green to surround the entire landscape.

Step 3

Be creative to visualize your garden landscape

Be Creative to decide a Garden Landscape Design Theme and be Consistent.

It is very important that you already have identified a potential theme that you want for your garden. There are many to choose from. A few ideas are Asian, traditional, water, earth or fire. The only important aspect of garden landscape design is that you need to be consistent with your chosen theme and remove anything is not related or connected with the new garden landscape design.

Step 4

Be imaginative and artistic when ladscaping your garden

Use Your Imagination, Be Artistic and Arrange all the Plants, Rocks and Other Accessories

We cannot deny that color creates a great initial impact when someone sees your garden. The choice of plants, flowers, pots and accessories play an important role in enhancing the element of color. Remember, complementary of colors should be observed in your garden.
But then again, contrast is also good but you have to be careful with it and just use it only to give emphasis for very specific and special plants or to accent highly sensitive plants. For example, a variety of orchids does a great job adding color to a garden landscape design, but orchids need to be placed in only one area of your garden in order give the beautiful flowers proper emphasis.

Tips & Warnings

When landscaping, the design and style should be considered as well when you are deciding what type of garden landscape theme that will be implemented. For theme choices, you can have earth, water or fire. For the theme of water, it follows that you should have at least one or two fountains where the relaxing sound and view can make your garden so comforting. Of course, the size should also correspond to the size of your garden. Placing a big fountain in a small area is not properly balanced.