Heart wallpaper is a way for you to really decorate for Valentine's Day quite easily. Even if you don't get around to decorating the house it just takes a minute to really create this kind of unique wallpaper. You don't need a lot of fancy graphic programs. It's just a matter of defining what is important to you. In fact, this can even make a very special gift. It's going to be a lot more sentimental than just a basic card because it's something that you put time and thought into. The other really great thing about this is that it is going to really act as a present as well because then the person is going to be able to actually use it on their desktop or laptop. You don't have to be a graphic designer either.

Another thing that you can really consider doing when going with heart wallpaper is keeping it very simple. Whenever you design wallpaper you need to consider the actual use that you need it for. You don't want it to block a lot of the icons or make your desktop seem too busy. In this case, you can just freehand a simple heart and keep the background mostly white. This is going to be the quickest option. You can also find a lot of scrapbooking stickers that you can check the license on to see if you can use. This is going to have a lot of embossed or felt kind of elements to it for more of a dimensional effect even though it still is just going to be on your desktop.

You can also really consider going with a picture. This could be your favorite picture of the person. You could add in funny captions or thought balloons or just use more romantic wedding photos depending on the vibe that you are going for. You can use a photo editing program to really turn the picture itself into a heart shape. You can do this with a preselected template or just freehand it in a paint program using the cut option. However, if you're doing this freehand it can be difficult to get a very symmetrical shape. In this case, you may just want to go for more of the country kind of design style because this is going to use an elongated heart.

Another option would be just to make heart wallpaper out of a graphic tile. This is going to allow you to repeat one design over and over again. This is something that can be very sentimental to you. In fact you might even have a few hearts on your wedding invitations that you could scan in and turn into heart wallpaper.

One of the coolest kinds of effects is going to use the grunge kind of style. This can use an illustration of an anatomical heart and then have crackle effects or even brickwork over it. These grunge patterns are something that you can find in a lot of digital scrapbooking kits.