If you are a fan of Kahlua then you know how expensive it is. There is a very quick and easy way to make your own Kahlua at home. Its very inexpensive when you consider that a bottle of Kahlua costs around 20 dollars for about 25 ounces. Try this, you could save yourself some money and this makes more than a typical bottle at the liqueur store.

Things You Will Need

1. 4 cups water

2. 3 cups sugar

3. 1 cup Dark Karo Syrup

4. 5 Heaping Tablespoons Instant Coffee

5. 2 Tablespoons Vanilla

6. 1 Liter Vodka

Step 1

Combine the water, sugar, Karo Syrup, and the instant coffee in a big pot and bring to a boil and then simmer for 1 Hour.

Step 2

Let the mixtue you just simmered for an hour cool for about 30 minutes. Then add the vanilla and vodka.

Step 3

Make sure the mixture is cooled enough to pour into a bottle without breaking the bottle. The longer you let this sit in a capped bottle the smoother it gets. About once a month give the bottle a shake. Enjoy. This will save you a tremendous amount of money. Its a wonderful after dinner drink mixed with some half and half. Its very simple recipe and I think you will find its as good as anything you can buy.

Tips & Warnings

Don't drink and drive.