Ladybug birthday party ideas for any age. It's a matter of shopping around at dollar stores and using your craft closet to really create one of a kind pieces. This can be one of the least expensive ways to decorate just because it is such an impactful kind of theme. It focuses a lot on color. I find that it's more sophisticated than just a basic pink color palette. This may just be a way to get a different party theme each year. However, it still is feminine.

Ladybug First Birthday

You May Already Have Some Decor

One of the first things that you'll really want to consider doing is just shopping around your own home. You can go into kids rooms and pick up any ladybug stuffed animals that could really help you to decorate the space. You could also just get oversize sheets of construction paper or posterboard. Even if you aren't an artist it's pretty easy to replicate a ladybug because it's really just a series of circles. You can add a dimensional effect in the form of pipe cleaners for antennas and then you could hang this on the wall.

The Cake

Of course with any ladybug party you're going to need a cake. You could decorate cupcakes. You will have to change this up slightly just because both red and black frosting is very difficult to make, or even buy. Instead, you could just find different circular candy you can use which can be anything from jellybeans or M&Ms. You can make it out of licorice. You can even have your kids decorate their own ladybug cupcakes and it's one of the simplest cake projects that you can really do.

Ladybug Birthday Party Supplies

Ladybug Balloons

If you're going with this for an older child then you can just really be inspired by the color palette. This is something that you could really mimic by combining red and black balloons. You could even just use different red and black plates on the table and you might already have these in your china cupboard. Another option would be to go with paper plates that already have that ladybug pattern printed on it. Just using the pattern in the color palette is going to make it chic. Try this instead of going for the literal animal itself and it's also a fairly easy and inexpensive accomplishment.


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DIY Crafts

Even if you aren't a big crafter you can at least use a few scrapbooking punches to make circles which is all you need to make a ladybug. Depending on your kids' ages they can even design the invitations and banners themselves. You can also create this pattern right on your table. You could start off with a vinyl tablecloth or a red tablecloth. Then look around at dollar stores or even Ikea for big circular placemats. This could be randomly on the table or they can be at each place setting.

Another area where you can find these decorations a lot is going to be in the Halloween section because it's a very popular costume. If your child is young enough you could even just dress up in one of these items for their party. You could also just find a funky polkadot hoodie or even a party dress for them to wear. Then it's time for the party favors. You can give kids items that they can use everyday such as ribbon wrapped headbands in this color palette. You can also venture into pink and purple color palettes. You're going to need to be very literal with the rest of your design approach so that the ladybug theme really gets across.