Reusable Sanitizing Wipes You Can Make Yourself

Stop Spending Money on Disposible Wipes

I love my sanitizing wipes.  There is little more satisfying than knowing my kitchen or bathroom services are clean, germ free.  What I decidedly DO NOT love is the price charged by my local supermarket.  Oh sure I could buy them at the dollar store.  But then I would be stuck with low-quality wipes that disintegrate every time I try to use them. That’s why decided to try to make my own.  It worked, with the added bonus that I can use the same ones over and over, for even more savings.

You will need:

  • Worn-out cotton T-shirts (standard men’s white shirts work great)
  • Scissors (sewing scissors work best, but any sharp ones will do)
  • Tupperware container was tight-fitting lid
  • Regular tap water
  • White vinegar
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoon
  • Clean plastic trash can or bucket with lid (it should be small enough to fit under your sink)


    Step 1. Launder the T-shirts.  Since you’ll be using these to clean, you don’t want to be working with dirty one’s.  Laundering them before you cut them up is optional.  If you want to, you can just wash them after you cut them up.  This may take up less room in your laundry.

    Step 2. Cut up the T-shirts into squares that will fit easily insider Tupperware container.  You can use the sleeves to make rags for smaller areas, such as the front of the microwave or around the edges of your sink.

    Step 3.  Place your cloth squares in your Tupperware Container.  You will want to fill it about ¾ way to the top, not all the way to the top or the sanitizing solution will spill over.  I don’t know about you, but the last thing they need is another mess in my kitchen, even if it’s just vinegar-water.

    Step 4.  Next, mix your sanitizing solution.  It will need to use 1 tablespoon of white vinegar for every 1 cup of regular tap water.  Viruses, bacteria, another microbial nasties do not like acidic solutions.  Plus, vinegar is non-toxic, so it is a good thing to use if you have anyone with allergies or chemical sensitivities in the house.

    Step 5.  Pour your sanitizing solution on top of your cloth squares until they’re just covered.  Place the lid on a Tupperware container and place the container where you can easily get to it.  I like to put mine on top of the fridge, so the cats can’t get into it.  The lid ensures you won’t be dealing with vinegar smell all the time (it dissipates quickly when you use it on surfaces).

    Step 6.  When you want to use your sanitizing whites, remove the lid from your Tupperware container and remove one square of the saturated cloths.  Wring out the access solution, leaving the cloth just damp, but not dripping.  This will keep the vinegar from staining bathroom rug or other soft surfaces.  Wipe down the area you want to sanitize, then just toss the clock into your garbage can or bucket.

    Step 7.  When you’ve used all your sanitizing wipes, just take the garbage can or bucket and dump it right into your washing machine.  Launder the wipes on hot. If you like, throw in your families’ underwear other whites that need to be washed on hot.

    Step 8.  Repeat the steps to reuse the wipes.

    Inexpensive CleaningCredit: user user "lusi." Image ID # 1193877Credit: user user "lusi." Image ID # 1193877