If you are looking to at wireless home security camera systems, you have probably been shocked by the how much they cost. The prices can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand depending on how complex your camera systems will be. But did you know that you don't have to spend thousands for a camera security system if you have a computer? In this article, I am going to discuss how to make your own wireless home security camera system with just a camera and the computer that you are using now.

The most basic component of a home security camera system is the camera. And the problem with this is the cheap cameras are big, hard to manage and tend to be cheaply made. Of course, you could purchase a better camera but most of the better cameras are expensive. And if you want a smaller security cam, then you can expect to pay top dollar.

There is a solution though. If you want a cheap camera security system, all you need is your webcam, a computer and some securty software. Voila! A much cheaper solution than what you would normally expect to pay.

Don't laugh. A webcam is the perfect option to the more expensive alternative. And since it is so cheap, you can purchase a replacement easily and effectively without putting a dent in your pocket book.

Here is how to do it. You basically set up your webcam in an area of your house, run some cable back to your computer and install a little surveillance software. And it is just as easy as that. Now, you can go to virtually any computer and remotely monitor your house and your things. Or, if you have an iphone, you don't even need a computer. Instead, you can monitor from your cell phone. Talk about total protection and assurance.

Not sold on the hard wired security camera system? Go wireless! There are plenty of webcams that now come wireless thus enabling you to install several throughout the house and facing doorways to see who is coming.

This type of cheap solution could be used for a variety of ways....for instance, if you have a nanny that you suspect is stealing from you or abusing your child, you would be able to monitor the house 24/7. If you are having construction done and have strangers in your house, you won't have to miss work. Instead the eye in the sky would record every little thing that they are doing in your house.

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