It is a well known fact that every site owner's most valuable asset is their content. If you are hoping to own a profitable website or blog, then writing articles is something that you will have to learn to do. Anyone who uses the internet frequently will have seen the numerous of article directories that abound. Internet browsers and search engines are hungry for fresh information and articles supply this need.

The benefits of publishing articles on your site or blog are many. Something that is a major concern of site owners is getting a website high in the search engine rankings for keywords that are relevant to the website. They can also bring traffic to your site and customers to your business when your articles are published by other bloggers or ezine publishers.

Interesting articles are also useful to both your website and its visitors. When your visitors appreciate your articles, they are likely to tell some of their contacts and put in a good word for the website, giving you more visitors. You will get increased sales if your visitor trusts you, and they are more like to do so if they have found you by personal recommendation. Any products or services will be much easier to sell when trust is present.

Have you now accepted that articles can be vital to a website and to your business? Articles are an important part of every site, however it is also true that very few site owners like writing articles and many positively hate it.

Most site owners would preferably spend their time on something else, and obtain their articles without having to write them themselves. Plagiarism or copying of other people's articles is wrong and could easily get you into bother.

So are there any other choices for someone who really hates writing articles and can't afford to employ freelance writers? One solution is to find free articles in the public domain. This is one place where you need have no concerns about copyright and plagiarism issues.

Articles in the public domain are articles freely given for public use. In other words you can do whatever you choose with them. You can publish them on your website, put your own name as the writer, add them to your newsletter - it's your choice. Always remember though that you will have to select articles that are appropriate to your subject.

The drawback to public domain articles is that as they are free use for anyone, most of your competition may well have access to them as well. Since your site must be original and unique even if you have the same subject as others, this could be a problem. The way around this is to substantially rewrite these articles and include more of your keywords to make them unique.

Another way to get free articles is to permit other websites which have the same subject or theme as yours to submit articles to your website. This should only be used to augment your other content or else all your articles will be linked to other people's websites via the resource boxes attached to them. You can also look at the possibility of publishing your articles on other people's sites to get links to your own.

To really discover the impact of what a first-rate article can do for your site, only go for original ones. There are many freelance article writers who write for very reasonable rates. By using them you can get accomplished articles that have all your keywords in place and that prospective customers are looking for.

Investing in having original articles written for you can pay for itself many times over. You have the right to use these articles in any way that you wish. After you have made your website and can see the payback of writing articles, you may find that the work becomes less of a chore.