Even though the new Windows Vista is undeniably more physically attractive than the previous Windows XP computer, it still has its fair share flaws. For example, because of its enhanced visuals and operating specifications, it takes a great deal of memory space. Hence, the over-all performance of a Vista computer is compromised. But there is good news. Now, you can have the breathtaking visuals of the new Windows Vista and still be able to run your Windows XP computer. How is this possible? By making your Windows XP computer look like Windows Vista, of course. An how exactly can you do this? Here are the steps.

1. Download the special program that has been designed to make your start menu look like that of a Windows Vista OS. You can go to a search engine to find which sites you can get it from, or you can directly go to Vistastartmenu.com to download. Don't be scared because installing this program will only alter the appearance of your start menu and nothing more. It will not change any of your system files or even reformat your entire hard drive.

2. If you want to really make your make-over as close as the real thing, then you might want to go beyond just altering your star menu. For this, you can download and install the Vistamizer. It will revamp your entire system's appearance, making your XP computer look like an authentic Vista. From the boot screen, to the folders, to the window appearances, to the desktop, even until you shut down. Everything will look like Vista, but of course, you know that it is still your trusted XP computer. However, if ever you feel like it's a little bit over the top, you can easily undo the changes that you made.

3. Minor personalization. The safest way to really make your Windows XP computer look like Vista without having to go too technical is to change your system's appearance, just that. You can download an icon package and change the looks of your icons similar to Vista's, or you can also download pseudo aero themes and aero mouse pointers, perhaps a vista wallpapers, vista-looking screen savers, etc. Through simple illusions, it is definitely easy make any person believe that your Windows XP computer is really in Vista, without having to risk the security and safety of your system.