Homemade Halloween Clown Wigs

Handmade Clown Wig

Clown wigs tend to be expensive when purchased from a box store and even more expensive when purchased from a costume store or through an online retailer. Save your money and make your own clown wig for your Halloween costume, when you dress up as a clown for a birthday party or when you want to be an over-the-top fan at a sporting event. When you make your own clown wig, you have the chance to customize your wig to better suit your tastes. Use whatever colors you want, use multiple colors at once, make the hair short or long, or even add whatever hair embellishments you want.

Things You’ll Need

Latch hook needle
Mesh produce bag

Use a sharp pair of scissor to cut the label from the mesh produce bag. Be careful not to cut the mesh bag. If you do cut it, use thread that closely matches the mesh to sew the mesh back together.

Produce bagCredit: morgueFile.com

Roll the edges of the mesh bag up so that it resembles a beanie hat. Make sure to allow the bag to remain large enough to cover the back of your head, following your hairline. The bag should also come down to approximately the middle of your ears. The mesh beanie should be a little loose on your head, don’t make it too snug.

Use the scissors to cut a piece of cardboard to the length you want the clown wig hair strands to reach.

YarnCredit: morgueFile.com: by kconnors

Wind some of the yarn around the length of the cardboard three or four times. Use the scissors and make a straight cut along the cardboard to remove the yarn. The strands will be twice as long as the length you want the clown hair to be. Repeat until you think you have enough yarn for your wig.

Start attaching the yarn to the mesh bag at the first row of the rolled cuff you created. Make sure to go all the way through the roll to secure the cuff in place.

Fold a strand of yarn in half and wrap it around the latch hook. Make sure the ends of the yarn are even.

Push the latch hook through the mesh. Wrap the yarn around the latch hook clip then pull the hook backwards in a downward motion. Make sure the clip closes over the tops of the yarn.

Repeat this process, working one row at a time keeping in mind points where you want to change colors if you have a multi-colored design in mind. Repeat this process until the yarn covers the entire mesh bag.

Use the latch hook to weave a thin piece of elastic through the outer edge (cuff) of the clown wig so the hair will stay secured on your head. You can also stitch two thin strands of elastic to the sides of the wig and tie the elastic under the chin. This method works if the clown wig might be used by someone else at a later time.


Clown WigsCredit: morgueFile.com: by gracey