Looking for a date online? Well, attracting women online is not as difficult as attracting a woman in real life. There are many women who are looking for guys exactly like you. So you have a great chance to impress them. Being different and subtle are the two initial keys when you are trying to attract the woman you want to. Here are some useful tips on how to make yourself attractive to women online.

Have a Good Profile Picture

Take a good profile picture and try to display good qualities about you. You can always come up with a picture that reveals some positive aspects in you or make you look attractive, handsome and unique. Alternatively, you can also post a picture, with you doing some of your favorite activity that you love. Having a great profile picture is the first and foremost step to get you started to lure any and every woman online

Have an attractive and confident profile

 Try to make your profile as appealing as possible.  Try to showcase your ability in such a way that woman automatically gets interested. Use funny liners and try to be humorous as much as possible. Remember a sense of humor is a key to impress woman. Also, try to be as confident as you can. A mixture of confidence and humor is a deadly combination for seducing women online. 

Try to be Unique

In order to get successful with women online you need to be different and unique. A lot of guys keep on trying to get in touch with women by giving them constant messages, do not follow this trend. Do not tell them how beautiful they are or how much you like their profile. It can be dangerous and like many others, you will be ignored. So be different. Try sending her message with witty quotes and humorous one liner, something that will amuse her. And if she starts talking to you, be unique. Most women love men who are outgoing, open and those with great sense of humor. However, it may be a good idea to look a little mysterious as women loves to discover or unfold the mystery in men. The more mysterious you look the more attractive you will be to the woman. And there will be a higher chance that they approach you back.

Reveal your human side

Once you start the conversation, talk about exotic vacation, astrology, mythology. Sometimes even Sex, in a way that Shakespeare would approve of. While talking, bring out different thoughts and emotions in her so that she can connect with you. You can also make her fall for you in very little time, if you show her a completely new and different experience. In the mind game of Seduction, you should show uniqueness and have an objective.