Rhodiola Rosea

Having difficulty sleeping can affect your everyday life. Slow motor skills and lack of concentration are just a few of the side effects from sleepless nights. In order to get reenergized for the day you need deep sleep without interruptions. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults should get 7-8 hours of sleep. Are you coming up short? Here are some tips to learn how to make yourself fall asleep fast and stay asleep throughout the night.

Herbal supplements such as melatonin can act as a sleep aid, as it is produced by the body naturally. Melatonin is secreted in the pineal gland and is known to control your sleep/wake cycle. When day turns to night more melatonin is produced to prepare our body for rest. When we age our ability to produce melatonin lessens. This is why we might need a melatonin supplement as a sleep aide.

5-HTP controls our neurotransmitter serotonin and an intermediate in tryptophan metabolism, as it works to alleviate anxiety, stress and restlessness. Tryptophan, an amino acid, makes us feel lethargic and is found in certain foods such as; eggs, nuts, seeds, milk and turkey. Possible side effects with dosages above 50mg have been known to cause nausea, stomach cramps and vivid dreams, including nightmares. High doses taken for many days or weeks may curb sexual desire. Those that take an antidepressant shouldn't use 5-HTP as it may have an adverse interaction with other drugs.

Rhodiola Rosea is a supplemental herb that lessens anxiety and tension. Rhodiola Rosea (Russian Rhodiola) is a perennial, medicinal plant with red, pink, or yellowish flowers, commonly known as golden root, rose root, or arctic root, indigenous to Siberia that thrives in dry and cold arctic climates. Please note, that Rhodiola has a more stimulating effect at lower amounts, and a more sedating effect at higher amounts. A 100mg-300mg dose is recommended to relieve occasional nervousness, nervous tension, and anxiety or a depressed mood caused by everyday stress. Rhodiola Rosea is typically taken in capsule form, but it is also available in other forms such as extracts and teas. Rhodiola Rosea has demonstrated very low occurrences of side effects, and available clinical research suggests it has low toxicity. There are currently no known adverse interactions with other prescription medications.

Passion flower extract, hops, catnip and valerian are other herbal supplements that can be taken alone or combined as a natural sleep aide. These herbs have been used for centuries to help people fall asleep and stay asleep. Natural sleep aide supplements are safer than over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs as they have fewer side effects and are not habit forming.

Most herbs and supplements are not thoroughly tested by the FDA so there is no guarantee regarding the ingredients or safety of the products. Read the warning label as many supplements are not recommended for those that are pregnant or nursing. Consult with your physician before taking any supplement as it may interfere with other medication or health issues. Your physician may recommend the dosage or other treatment options such as a sleep clinic to help diagnosis a chronic sleep disorder. If you occasionally have a restless night sleep consider using a natural sleep aide supplement to make yourself fall asleep fast.