Would you like to improve your IQ. Everyone can benefit from exercising their brain. There are many ways to learn how to make yourself smarter. Brain cells are like anything else, if you don't use it you lose it. Challenge yourself build new synapses in the brain and increases your intelligence. Here are some ways to exercise your brain and ultimately make yourself smarter.

Slack off watching so much television. You know that is why it is called the idiot box. When you do watch make your selections wisely. Watch something educational like the History Channel or Animal Planet. These are thought provoking programs that encourage learning. We all like to watch TV every once in awhile, just don't make it a habit to tune in every time you walk through the door.

Shift some of that TV time to reading a new book. A new thriller will absorb you into another world and spark your imagination. Not only will you use reasoning skills as you get more involved in it, but you will also increase your vocabulary and knowledge of proper sentence structure. Try reading some books to learn a new skill such as a new hobby or a foreign language. This challenges your brain and increases your understanding in two ways. One you will learn how to do something new and you will stress your brain by learning something that you are not familiar with, both of which will make you smarter.

Become smarter by exercising your brain. You can do this the same way you exercise your body. When you exercise your body you challenge muscles that you haven't used in a while. You can do this with the brain by using your no dominate hand to write, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and even eat with. When you are surfing on the net use your no dominate hand to control your mouse. Drive a different route to work or home is another way to confuse your brain. Your dominate hand is associated with the dominate part of your brain. When you use the opposite hand it cause both parts of the brain to be put into motion. This in turn help new neurons to form that weren't previously there. Give it a try and you will be amazed at how effective this little exercise is.

Exercise your body for increased brain power. Exercise improves ones ability to think by increasing blood flow to the brain. Increased blow flow can boost performance and there is scientific research that has been released to back this theory up. Research suggest that exercise can make kids smarter. The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology released findings on how aerobic exercise and brain function correlate. This study explored the basal ganglia function in correlation to childhood aerobic fitness and found that the hippocampal increase resulting from exercise elevated related brain potential indices. Another study proved that 10 to 20 minutes of exercise in an active or sedentary student improved outcomes on test. Furthermore, a study published just this year by the Journal of Human Brain Mapping illustrated that the higher the BMI the lower the gray matter in the brain. So get moving and stay in shape for more brain power.

Practice meditation to improve your brain. Scientist have proven that by practicing meditation that gamma waves increase in the brain. Buddhist monks have been practicing this art for years and scientist have proven that people that practice this art have a thicker cortex in their brain.

Increase the magnesium in your diet to improve your memory. Researcher from 3 major universities have found that an increase in magnesium intake results in an increase in the mental acuity of rats. Clinical trails have begun on humans in Beijing to test the effects of increased magnesium in the possible treatment of age related memory loss. These results of this study may bring new hope to Alzheimer's patients.

Increase your intake of fish oil. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential acids found in fish and they are highly concentrated in the brain. They are important in maintain brain function and they may also reduce the risk of heart disease. I believe that they stave off Alzheimer. The reason I whole heartily believe this is because it runs in my family. My grandmother was the eldest out of 8 children. She lived on the coast all of her adult life. Some of her brothers and sisters experience brain memory loss early on in life and passed away with this disease in their middle age years, however, she lived until her late 80's. I believe that living on the ocean staved it off until the last few years and increased her lifespan.

Drink plenty of fluids. Considering that the brain is 80% water, proper hydration is crucial for proper brain function. Research from a study by the University of South Florida found that those that drank at least 4 or more ounces for juice a day had a 76% less of a chance of developing Alzheimer's disease than those that did not intake plenty of fluids. This is enough of a study to make me drink more.

Decrease your intake of fat. Research coming out of the University of Toronto suggest that an increase in fat can decrease mental function in rats in several areas. Saturated fats made their mental acuity worse. Fat slows metabolism of glucose necessary for proper brain function and reduces oxygen rich blood flow to the brain.

Getting up earlier improves cognitive functions according to 2 university studies. It appears that light exposure particularly sunlight effects the brain's response to different task. They have measured the effect of intensity, type, and duration of exposure through neuroimaging. The results are astounding. Besides light regulates your Arcadian clock.

Socialize with people of greater intelligence. These type of people will stimulate the mind and you can learn many new things engaging in conversation with them. Get rid of old prejudices in order to keep an open mind on issues and force your brain to consider different ideas. Putting yourself in a situation of entertaining that someone else may be right about a certain belief forces you to critically think.

Learn how to make yourself smarter by learning how to change your diet and your habits. Aim for a healthier and a smarter life. Make changes a little at a time and these processes will become habit for the most part. Good luck on your journey of self discovery and improvement.