As hundreds of blogs, commercial, and content sites are created every day, users of each site may need to contact the site's administrator to give feedback or ask a question. If you have your own site, it is in your best interests to add a 'Contact Us' page to allow your users to contract you. But you can't put your e-mail address out into the wide sea of internet spammers just like that. You need to mask your e-mail but still receive messages from users, that's where Email Me Form comes in. It allows you to make a fully customizable contact page by filling out some simple boxes of criteria. Then you can embed the form on to your site or have it hosted on theirs. Unlike other contact page creators, Email Me Form does not place an image or link to their site on your form. And the best part is it's free. Here are some examples of Email Me Form's contact pages: Bad-Religion, Wiso-Data.

Things You Will Need

-A website where you want to place the contact form on
-An e-mail address (ie. Gmail or Yahoo mail)

Step 1

First you are going to have to make an account with Email Me Form. To do this, go to the Email Me Form site and click on Sign Up for Free.

Step 2

Now fill out your first name, your last name, a user name, a password, and your email address. Then click 'Sign Up'.

Step 3

Now you will have to go to your inbox and confirm your e-mail address by clicking on the link that Email Me Form sent you.

Step 4

Click the 'Home' tab to go home.

Step 5

Now on the right side of your screen will be a navigation page. Click on 'Create New Form'

Step 6

Now fill out the form according to what it asks you for. The number of fields is the number of different boxes you would like your users to fill out. For example, you can have name, e-mail, and message. Click next when you are done.

Step 7

Now you can setup your fields section. Choose longer field types for places like the message box, but shorter field types for places like name and e-mail. You can also choose text effects and if the section is required by the user to fill out. Then click next

Step 8

Now you can choose how big you would like each section to be. 'Cols' means the amount of characters that can fit in each line. Once you are done, click next.

Step 9

Now you can change the font and size of your form text. It is best to choose text that matches with your site so it looks more natural. You can also add headers and footers on your page but it isn't required. This page also lets you choose if you want to embed the form on your site or have it hosted on Email Me Form's site. Click next when you are done.

Step 10

Step 5 allows you to choose different settings on how the email is sent after the user clicks send. You can leave these at their defaults if you like.

Step 11

Now you can preview your contact form. Make sure that the colors match with your site and all your desired message spaces are there. If you need to change some thing, you can hit the back button but if you're done, click finish.

Step 12

You will now see box with some HTML code. You can copy that code into your site to post a link to the contact form. But if you want to directly embed the contact form, click 'Get the HTML code'.

Step 13

This box can be copied into your site so users can contact you. When they fill out the form, the e-mail will be sent to your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

There you have it, now users can easily contact you and you do not have to give your identity away to internet spammers.

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