I came across these cool looking bamboo surf racks, which really will look good anywhere. It mean you don’t have to stick your board away in the garage to gather extra dust or just leave it in the car. If the rest of the family doesn’t understand why you have such a passion for surfing, then you have probably run into a couple of problems, but I have the perfect solution for you.

 Even a non-surfer will think that a board creatively placed on a surf rack on the wall is definitely something unique. There are lots of ways you can do this, with loads of different materials, but somehow bamboo stands out as something which is going to last through the years. It can also be designed so that it is completely unique.

 You can do this yourself and make something really rustic, which you see at your local surf bar, catering for the locals or you can buy something classy. The choice is yours!

surfboard rack

DIY surf rack - the basics

 So, let’s start off with a DIY surf board rack. This is actually very simple and it will cost you next to nothing. All you need are three pieces of bamboo, a couple of screws and nails and braces to keep the bamboo up.

Also look for some hemp twine. In some areas bamboo is really growing wild and you will be lucky enough to even find it in your own back garden. This is why this project is so affordable. Otherwise, you can find it at your local nursery.

Basically, you nail the bamboo into wall bracket, so essentially you will have two pieces of bamboo coming out from the wall where you will place your board. You will also need a piece of bamboo going across the two pieces coming out for extra security. This will be tied together with the other two pieces of bamboo with the hemp. Get it?

You don’t have to be all that technically minded to get this one right. It is just a case of banging in a few nails and making sure you have got your knots right. Once you have got that right you will have a really sturdy, minimalistic looking practical way of storing your board.

If you want to go one step further, and look for something which really makes your board the main center of attraction in the living room, then you can get something that is a little more trendy.

Okay, so I have looked at a bunch of products. A lot of them are really functional, but I’m not keen on aluminum. This definitely lasts and there is no doubt that it works, but somehow it doesn’t gel. Wood doesn’t last as long, but if you buy a good product then you are pretty much sorted.

COR Surf Surfboard Wall Rack for Long Boards and Short Boards Works for Indoor and Outdoor Display
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(price as of Aug 26, 2015)
Cor surf has come up with something good. To look at it, it seems kind of flimsy and unsturdy, but so far peeps have been satisfied, especially by looking at the reviews. The best thing is that it looks good, so this is definitely what I would go for.

Still, if you are looking to make something unique for a long board – have a look at this vid. The nice thing about this is that you can paint or design it according to what ever you want to do. So go wild!

Learn How to Make a Surfboard Bike Rack

A lot of people just live within a stone throw away from the beach - lucky for them! Many people use their bike to get there, but it's quite an art balancing your board on your handlebars, trying to place it under your arm, while dodging traffic at the same time.

A DIY surfboard bike rack will leave you less stressed once you have this on your bike. You can , of course buy these, but if you are not feeling like doing any woodwork, then your next best bet is to find someone who does have the skills.

There is nothing like a little fresh air before your surf session.

Have a look at this video to find out just how to go about it:

If you don't feel like making the rack yourself...

Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards
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(price as of Aug 26, 2015)

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Block Surf Double Wrap Rack
Amazon Price: $42.96 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 26, 2015)
If you are driving to the beach, this is something that you have to have. You will be better off buying something that has passed all of the tests than making something yourself, no matter how good your DIY skills are.