Create a Strong Batting Order for a Winning Team

Your batting order is one of the most important parts of pre game strategy for the 
baseball or softball coach.  Arranging your batting lineup in the most effective way will 
get the most of out of your offense, day in and day out. A well thought out batting order will give you the best chance of starting off the game strongly on offense. Although the batting lineup carries its most importance in the first inning, it remains important to some degree for the rest of the game. Here are some tips in  creating a winning batting order.

# 1 Spot  - You will want a balance of on base percentage and speed out of 
this spot in your order.  First and foremost, you want this batter to get on base any 
way possible. You will want a patient hitter who can work the count and draw a 
walk. You want a batter who will put the ball in play and use his speed to force the 
defense to make a play.  You will also want someone who is good base runner, can 
steal a base and take an extra base when needed. 
# 2 Spot - Patience and bat control are the key here.  This batter will need 
to work the count to allow the leadoff batter to steal a base.  You'll want this 
batter to be able to put the ball in play so you can utilize the hit and run. 
# 3 Spot - Put your best hitter in this spot.  You always want this batter to 
get a plate appearance in the first inning.  You want extra base hitting ability at 
this spot in the lineup.
# 4 Spot - Also called the cleanup hitter.  Similar to your number 3 batter 
but power and extra base hitting ability are important here.  If this batter bats in 
the first inning, there will always be someone on base.  Any extra base hit in the 
first inning from this spot in the lineup will produce at least one run.
# 5 Spot - Usually a spot for your 3rd best power hitter. You want this spot in the lineup to have a batter who is a strong enough power hitter to avoid the opposition from pitching around or intentionally walking your cleanup batter.
# 6 Spot - This spot in the order needs to be a batter who will at least instill some fear in the opposition so as to ensure your cleanup and #5 spot in the order will see some good pitches to hit.
# 7 Spot - Usually the 2nd weakest hitter on the team. Make sure this batter is able to lay down a bunt when needed.
# 8 Spot  - Make sure you sandwich at least a somewhat decent hitter in this slot to avoid your three weakest hitters from batting back to back to back.  
# 9 Spot - Weakest hitter on the team.  Make sure this batter is able to lay down a bunt when needed.  Patience is a must at this spot in the lineup in order to make the pitcher throw as many pitches as possible.

So there you have it.  Whenever possible, it is good idea to have a consistent lineup to give the players familiarity with batting and base running with the same nucleus.  Having said that, it will take a coach a few games to determine which lineup works best with the team's personnel.

Real Batting Lineup Card

Batting Lineup Card