Bath Soak with Oatmeal and Lavender

Oatmeal is known for its soothing properties to human skin. You only need a few simple ingredients and some household kitchen items to make a creamy oatmeal bath soak. Combined with the luxurious scent of lavender, an oatmeal bath soak will help you create and enjoy a relaxing spa retreat experience in your own home.

Things You Will Need

1/2 cup organic oatmeal

10-12 drops lavender essential oil

1 tsp lavender buds

coffee grinder

mixing bowl


3" x5" drawstring muslin bag

Step 1

Grind the organic oatmeal in the coffee grinder in small batches until it is smooth and powdery. Pour the ground oatmeal into a small mixing bowl.

Step 2

Crush the lavender buds lightly with a mortar and pestle. Stir the lavender buds into the oatmeal.

Step 3

Add five to six drops of lavender essential oil to the oatmeal and lavender buds. Mix thoroughly.

Step 4

Add another five to six drops of lavender essential oil and mix thoroughly. Mixing the essential oil with the oatmeal in separate batches helps ensure that the essential oil is distributed evenly throughout the oatmeal.

Step 5

Pour the oatmeal mixture into a small muslin drawstring bag using a funnel. When the bag is almost full, pull the drawstrings very tight and knot them closed.

Step 6

Use the oatmeal lavender bath soak by placing the entire muslin bag into the warm bath water.

Step 7

Squeeze the muslin bath soak bag gently and periodically during your bath to distribute the ground oatmeal and lavender essential oil throughout the bath water.


Tips & Warnings

Buy a secondhand coffee grinder to use for herb or spice grinding and avoid using it for coffee grinding so that your herbs don't take on the taste or scent of coffee.