Beanbag chairs are back again in style after a 50 year background as a funky, affordable and most importantly a fantastically comfy item of home furniture on which to chill out and de-stress. Beanbag chairs have been going since a couple of funky Italian developers made a curved designed one in the 1960s referred to as the Socco. Beanbags nowadays are available in a wide range of shapes and forms and prices to fit the majority of budgets. In spite of this many love to make their own either to lower their expenses or to make certain they get just what they are after.

What you will require

  • Some hard wearing (ideally cleanable) 100 % cotton material that suits your look and feelings.
  • A sewing machine (or perhaps needle and thread at a pinch.)
  • Velcro
  • Sharp regular sewing scissors
  • Steam Flat iron
  • Funnel
  • Polystyrene balls (fire retardant and if possible reprocessed)
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Equipment which can provide help to sketch a circle

 Time to finish

 Around four hours


 1. You will want two rectangles of fabric measuring 90cm by 50cm. Sew Velcro to each item then join them together to make a square of approximately 90cm by 90cm.

 2. Trim the contour of a circle out of the sq. This will form the bottom of the bag - your circle requires a diameter of approximately 84cm along with a couple of extra centimetres around the edge.

 3. Cut out a rectangular bit of material that's as lengthy as the circumference of your circular bottom. Subsequently cut out an oblong bit with a 260cm length and a width of approximately 150cm.

4. Stitch together the shorter sides of the longer rectangle-shaped piece of material to create a cylindrical tube that has a circumference of 274cm and a diameter of 86cm.

 5. Combine 1 end of the edges on the cylinder to create and securely seal the top beanbag chair. Do this by producing 10-20cm long concertina folds from the top of cylinder.

 6. If you prefer the concertina folds to appear tidier, you may tidy the joins up by sewing a triangular line from your end of a concertina crease right down to where the cloth is folded over.

 7. Once you've ended sewing together the concertina folds you'll have a round bag which comes together at the top. Completely sew over the midsection join to ensure the polystyrene beans are held solidly inside bag.

 8. Pin together the round end of the cylinder to the spherical Velcro base you made previously.

 9. Stitch the bottom of the bag and also edges with each other, whilst always keeping the material flipped inside out. When you have completed, after that you can turn the material inside out.

 10. Include a handle to the top of the bag because this will serve so it will be very portable and look neat and funky. To achieve this crease over a lengthy rectangle-shaped strip of fabric, stitch it with each other and lastly turn it back to front. Fix the handle to the top of the beanbag this is a method that is almost certainly best done with the old-fashioned technique by hand.

 11. Utilize a funnel to load your beanbag with polystyrene beans. Strongly secure the Velcro base to lock the beans within the bag.

 12. Unwind and hang out on and thoroughly take pleasure in your individual brand-new beanbag chair - you deserve it!