Making a bed headboard can transform your room. There are a lot of different projects that will leave you feeling accomplished. Plus, when you do a project yourself you have complete control over your budget. You can reuse what you already have and get a custom look.

You might be wondering why you need a headboard. It doesn't do anything right? It's sole purpose is just to sit there right? Well, it helps grounds your space. It finishes things off so it doesn't look like you live in a college dorm. You might even be able to remake your existing headboard. A few years ago pine bedroom furniture was all the rage and now those same pieces always seem to end up in the thrift shops. The stain color was a little too yellow and it had a little bit of iron work on it. Refinish the pieces with stain and glaze. You could try a worn gray feel if you want to go nautical. For a little girl's room or a shabby chic look apply cream finishes with black edges so it looks aged.

You can also give new life to a brass bed with a little spray paint. Your teen may be sick of her childhood bed. Just paint it a bright lime green to add a funky element to her room and it just costs a couple of dollars.

Make it out of paper. A few months ago the craft forums were abuzz with the idea of making a paper headboard. You can often find oversized paper at the dollar store. Plus, it's for scrapbooking so it's already color coordinated. You can just apply them to the front of unattractive vinyl tiles. The overall effect looks like a modern mosaic tile. This could work for a master bedroom, guest room, or even a little girls' room. You have two choices for paper. You can use the same colors and different patterns or different colors all in a solid so it doesn't look like a kindergarten craft project. You can usually affix headboard projects to the wall with extra heavy duty double sided Velcro.

Fabric is another popular choice for DIY headboards. It adds pattern and femininity to the room. There are several ways that you can make these kinds of headboards. You might be able to totally slipcover your existing headboard. If your headboard is wood with panels why not spruce it up? Try applying leather in the middle and finish off the edges with nail head trim.

You can turn almost anything you can think of into a headboard as long as you take safety and comfort into consideration. If you read in bed you'll probably want to stick to an upholstered piece so you have something to lean against. Look around for your favorite items; they don't have to be furniture related. You might be in love with old fence posts or metal scroll work. Just make sure that whatever you hang on the wall is secure.

If you don't have any furniture to work with as a base then you might need to apply the headboard directly to the wall. This is a modern look that gives you full control over the scale. Often headboards can get lost by the time you pile up all your pillows. Not in this case. You can upholster squares and apply them to the wall. For a softer look you can just curtain the entire wall behind your bed for a less frilly version of a canopy.

You might need to make a headboard with the items you already have in your home. One way to do this is with paint or wall paper. You can use grass cloth on the wall behind your bed for a subtle Zen like headboard. You can also just paint stripes or squares behind the bed to add interest. For a little girls' room mimic an elaborate French headboard with paint which will feel both elegant and slightly cartoon-ish at the same time. Make sure the outline has a lot of scroll work to it. Stick with just one color of paint so it's a modern design.

For a master bedroom you can really go over the top with the headboard. You might want to give the room a subtle texture by applying wood squares and making your own paneling. You can stain each square a different color which will also help you tie in all the different mismatched pieces of furniture. Some people may just have a headboard the size of your bed, but you can have an entire wall for a headboard. This will also add more presence to a contemporary platform bed and make it the focal point of your room. This gives character to a plain room. Plus, you can still use these ideas in a small room because it doesn't take up a lot of extra space.

You can also use salvage elements as a headboard. This could be anything from an antique door, screens to a vintage fireplace mantle. This is perfect for a shabby chic or country room. Plus you'll add a sense of character to the space even if you live in a new construction house.

Another easy headboard idea is a canopy. This adds an elegant, luxurious feel to the room. Plus, you probably already have old curtains or a tablecloth that will work. Consider whether or not you think it's a fire hazard before you start. It can be as simple as hanging a doorknob on the wall and then swag-ing fabric onto either side of the bed. A sheer white canopy is great for a tropical look, but can also transition into a little girls' room. Take the craft project form the ceiling to the floor for more of an opulent French feel. You can even finish off the edges with tassels or beadwork.

Headboard projects allow you to update your bedroom without having to replace all of your furniture. You may hate the look of a matchy matchy room so this helps you break up a traditional set. Plus, you can also decorate those neglected room, like the guest room, on the cheap.