Candy Corn

When you're planning on making a costume for Halloween, it can be tough to decide which costume that you want to dress up in. Luckily, there is a super easy costume that you can choose that won't take a long time and can find out how to make your own candy corn Halloween costume. You may need to buy a few things, but it won't be super expensive and it's worth it! Here is a super simple, ridiculously easy candy corn Halloween costume that you can make with one trip to the store. So, here you go! 

You will need:

  • facepaint, preferably in white, yellow, and orange. However, if you can only get it in the primary colors and white and black, that's okay, since you can create your own orange.
  • An orange shirt, preferably long sleeved.
  • Yellow gloves and pants and shoes and socks.
  • A white beanie
  • you'll also need white hair spray and glitter body spray. You'll find out why towards the end of the candy corn Halloween costume tutorial!

First, you need to dress in your respective clothing. As for the face, for this candy corn Halloween costume, you can choose to do a few different patterns. For one, you can paint your face completely white and then draw little candy corns on your cheeks (think Pikachu-blush with candy corn instead of pink). Or, you can decide to go with a layered facepaint look for your candy corn Halloween's up to you. Or, finally, you can just go with plain old white and leave it pretty much as is. Choose wisely, since you're going to be wearing it all night and, if you've ever worn candy corn Halloween costumes before, you know how much of a pain they can be. If you aren't familiar with the secondary colors, all that you need in order to make orange is red and yellow. You might need to play around with those colors and white to get it right, but that's perfectly fine!

Next, spray your hair white. Try to make sure to cover your face with a cloth (at least your nose and mouth) while creating your candy corn Halloween costume. Let's face it—the spray used smells rather nasty and it's not something that you want to taste or smell. But, anyways...once you've done that, you're almost done with your candy corn Halloween costume. However, candy corn does have a slight shiny sheen to it. You can kind of replicate this using sparkly spray on your candy corn Halloween costume. Cover your eyes carefully.

Once you're done, you can put on a little bit of a vanilla-y scented perfume (even if you're a guy. Hey, you're candy. You can't really go wrong with that and no one will think lesser of you for it.), and then go out on your way. You can also choose a caramel scent if you prefer. Pretty much anything sugary works, including sugar cookie. There are many great spins on the candy corn Halloween costume—and the best party is that you can work it out so that you end up with the candy corn Halloween costume of your dreams!