The name itself is a give away. The four layer chocolate pudding comprises of four layers. The dish is quite popular and appeals to most taste buds. However, the thought of making four layers for a pudding can serve as a hurdle to most of us who may prefer to go with a simpler pudding.

four-layer-puddingDo not presume that this dessert is difficult to make. While it does taste great, it is a rather simple pudding and just following the steps below will help you to make this lovely pudding without any problem.

• Crust – The first layer from the bottom of this pudding is the crust. For this you will need to knead the flour and butter together until the mixture is soft and smooth. Ensure that the dough is free of any lumps since this will take away from the taste of the pudding. Now spread this dough into the baking pan and press in a few nuts evenly into this base. Bake in the oven for about fifteen minutes till the crust is well done. Allow to cool off completely.

• Cream layer – This is the second layer of the pudding and will require you to mix cream cheese, sugar and vanilla essence. Beat all of this together, till the mixture is nice and fluffy and then add whipped cream. Spread this over the first layer and place in the refrigerator to cool off and set fully.

• Chocolate – This is the third layer of our pudding and comprises of chocolate and vanilla pudding. Mix the two together in a mixer till a smooth thick mixture is formed. Spread this over the now chilled second layer and once more place in the fridge to set.

• Cream – The last and final layer is the whipped cream. Whip the cream with some icing sugar till the mixture begins to peak. Spread it out on the pudding top and sprinkle with some chocolate chips. Your four layer chocolate pudding is ready to be served.

The pudding does not require too much effort but it does take time since the setting of the layers cannot be hastened at all. So if intending to serve it, it is best to prepare the first three layers and keep it in the fridge. The last layer should be done a few minutes prior to serving and you are ready to receive the compliments.