Easter Bunnjy CraftEaster is a religious holiday, yet for kids, the vision of the Easter Bunny leaving eggs, candy, toys, and other gifts resonates in their heads. Making Easter Bunny crafts with kids is a fun way to help decorate for, and celebrate, Easter. This Easter idea uses items found in most homes, and the child's imagination, to help make their own unique Easter Bunny rabbit.

You will need:

Wooden clothespins



Colored paper



Sharpie markers

Cotton balls

Determine the orientation of the Easter Bunny. The round part of the clothespin, on the bottom, will create an Easter Bunny with long ears. Turn the clothespin, so the round part is on the top, for an Easter Bunny that stands.

Easter Bunny EarsPaint, color, or use markers to design the Easter Bunny clothespin. Creativity is sparked by imagination so let the kids do what they want. The clothespins are inexpensive so the kids can design more than one Easter Bunny craft.

Use a black sharpie marker or black paint to put eyes and a nose on the Bunny clothespin. Whiskers can be added by using thread, paint brush bristles, or other light weight material.

Easter Bunny StandingCut out bunny ears from the colored paper. Glue the ears to the back of the round head of the Easter Bunny that is standing. Colored paper can also be used to make pants, a skirt, hula dress, belt, bow tie or any other type of clothing. Glue these items on to the clothespin.

Finish the Easter Bunny craft by placing part of a cotton ball on the back of the clothespin for the cotton tail.