If you have ever sat in front of your screen and just wished that you could make a computer run faster, you are in good company. Most people do not realize just how simple it is to make simple repairs of their system. The days of getting a headache every time that you log in will be long behind you when you keep these tips in mind. There will be no need to befriend the new tech guy that moved into the neighborhood. You will also not need to keep your local geek squad on speed dial in order to make a computer run faster.


Tip Number One


Did you know that calls to most IT support desks to help make a computer run faster have to deal with passwords? It seems that we need those words to log into just about everything online these days. It is a good idea to make sure that each one that you use for different sites is unique. However, this aspect can often leading to forget to you forgetting even the ones that you use every day. You can easily use the forgot password button on most sites to get the information that you need.


Tip Number Two


The first thing that any support line will ask you when you complain that you need to make a computer run faster and that it will not turn on is whether it is plugged in. You may find this to be a dumb question, but it has been found that this is usually the problem. When it comes to technology often the simplest answer to the problem is the right one. You will want to check to make sure all of the cords are connected and plugged in. It is also a good idea to see in any multi plug units that you have are turned on.


Tip Number Three


One of the things that will cause you to need to make a computer run faster is when your system is infected with unwanted programs. Just about every site that you go on these days will install a cookie on your system. For the most part, these programs are not a problem other then they take up memory space. Some of them are viruses waiting to be activated. It is a good to clear out your cache of programs that you do not use and cookies often. This will help to clear up disk space for you.


Tip Number Four


Pop ups can be a sign of spy ware. Spy ware can be bad programs that have been installed on your system. It can hijack your computer and send you to different sites and cause you to have more pop up ads. To make a computer run faster, you will want to run an anti-virus program often to make sure that your system is clean. This will help to make sure tat you are not infected with bad programs. There are many different programs available out there for you to use for this.