Making a decorative bell from a flower pot is a simple and inexpensive craft that can be used to decorate for many occasions, from weddings to Christmas (the focus of this article will be that of a Christmas tree decoration). Making a Christmas tree ornament is simple enough for children to participate in with some assistance from an adult.

Things You Will Need

Small Flower Pot (I use clay or Terracotta)
Paint (Acrylic)
Paint Brush
Flower pick
Floral Wire
Jingle Bell
Ribbon (1/8 or 1/16 wide)

Step 1

To create your flowerpot bell Christmas ornament you will need to make certain that your flower pot is clean and free of any debris before painting. I prefer to use metallic colors such as silver and/or gold but the color is really up to you. It may take several coats to get good coverage.

Step 2

While the paint is drying on your flowerpot you can assemble the bow. Take about 4 to6 strands of ribbon about 12 inches long in you desired color(s) and tie a looped bow similar to tying your shoe. Don't worry about the length of the ends they can be trimmed to desired length once bow is secured to the bell. I like to use more than one color and even like to use a metallic to coordinate with the bell.

Step 3

Now that your Christmas bell is dry you can start the assembly process. To the base of the flowerpot you can attach some Christmas greenery or flowers by cutting the greenery to size and placing a few drops of hot glue to the base, then press greenery into the glue. This also helps to conceal the hole in the bottom of the flowerpot.

Step 4

Now you will be adding the bow. To attach the bow simply apply a drop of glue to the center of the pot and press the bow into place.

Step 5

The final step is to add the jingle bell. To do this you will need a piece of floral wire cut to length. Thread the wire through the jingle and wrap the end around itself to secure. To attach the bell to the pot, hot glue the wire to the inside bottom of the pot.
This is a simple and fun craft that takes only a few materials and a little time. Flowerpot Bells can be made in various sizes for decorating. At Christmas you can use small sized pots for tree and larger ones for decorating table or creating center pieces.

Tips & Warnings

If making several do all of the painting a once, by the time you finish painting the last one you should be ready to continue on to the next step.

Children should be supervised when using a hot glue gun. To make this craft safer you can use craft glue, but drying times are increased for the glue to set.