If you love to knit, and want to be able to tote your knitting with you, then try making this cheap and yet fun denim knitting bag.

All you need, are some old denim jeans that are no longer useful to anyone, and a sewing machine with a denim needle and a bit of creativity for the bottom corner, then you will have a unique and original denim knitting bag.knitting bag

In the picture, you can see that I have created a point of interest in the bottom corner. I painted this on, but you could add anything you choose such as a embroidery, or ink stamping or quilting or anything you might like to personalize it with.

Things You Will Need

Here is what you will need to make a denim knitting bag.

8 squares of soft denim that measures 7 x 7 inches each. These will be for the knitting bag itself

1 square of denim that measures 7 x 7 inches for the creative square in the bottom corner

circle shaped template (such as a jar lid)

sharp scissors for cutting the fringe

denim seams from the inside leg of the jeans, these make great straps for your knitting bag. But if you would prefer another style of strap you can add something else.

sewing machine with a denim sewing needle (these are a bit tougher and good for sewing denim)

you can also choose to line this knitting bag if you wish.


Take 4 squares of the denim and allowing a 1/2 inch seam allowance, and right sides together sew the 4 squares together and then press the seams open. On the right side of the piece, top stitch along each side of the seam. This helps to lay the denim flat. This piece will be the back of your bag.

Now take one of the remaining squares and trace a circle with a pen or fabric pen in the center of the square. Cut this circle out. You now have a denim square with a circle cut out, this will be your frame. Take your sewing machine and sew 1/2 inch around the edge of the circle.

Take your sharp scissors and clip fringe up to the sew line all the way around. When washed, this will become soft fringe. Cut the fringe as close together as you can.

Take another of the remaining squares and create your painting, or whatever creative you have decided to do. It could even by your favorite saying stitched on with beads.. just something to make it a unique tote, but it must be something washable. As you will be washing this knitting bag when done to create the soft fringe.

Now take your square with the circle cut out and place it over top of your painted or creative square. The circle (this size of this circle is up to you, as long as it fits the square), this frames your artwork. Baste these squares together.

Now create the front the same way you did the back piece, making sure your artwork piece is in the bottom corner.

With right sides together, sew the front to the back. Turn to the right side and attach your seam pieces for the handles (these can be any length you choose) and then clip the edges around the top of the bag for more fringe.

Throw this into the washer and then into the dryer. (make sure to empty your lint trap afterwards as it will be full of denim fluff) you will now have a soft bag.

You can change this basic pattern to work for you. You can line this, or you could have raggedy seams all over. Also using the basic 7 inch squares (allowed 1/2 inch seam allowance gives you a 6 inch square) you can add height or width to this bag.

This can make a fun gift, or a fun craft. Denim is a tough fabric, even when it becomes older and soft, and this can be washed over and over. It also makes a great tote bag. If you have a craft business, you can make lots of these bags, and have different artwork in that bottom corner. Fabric paints work well on denim as well as beading.

That bottom square makes it yours. If you want to line it, you can cut two pieces of lining fabric the same size as your finished front and back pieces, and then sew the lining right along with the front and back. You could also add appliqué to this project. Have some fun with your bag. Now you have a use for those old jeans you have kicking around! You could even add a back pocket to one of the squares for added storage.

if you don't want to make your own, you can get really cute ones online.