To Make a Desk from a Door

If you love to repurpose furniture or to recycle, then here is one such project that can help you set up a home office on the cheap. You can make a desk easily with old wooden doors.

So, say you have decided to do more work at home, or you are starting that business, or you simply want a place to do the bills or even a hobby table, and you just don't want to spend the money on office furniture or hobby room furniture just yet.

How to Make a Desk - If you have some time, you can create a compact office area or hobby area for your home. Whether this is going in the basement or that spare room, or the corner of the living room, you can make a desk quite quickly and personalize it to make this area a nice spot to work, and still have everything near by.

If you don't mind hanging out in reuse centers, or you like to head to the countryside for those farm auctions or garage sales, you can probably get your hands on a really cool old heavy duty door. The old interior doors would work the best for this project as they are not as beaten up or weather beaten.

How to Make a Desk from a Door - Once you have found a really cool old door, you can repurpose it into a really cool desk. So, take your newly found door home, and before you take it inside, decide what you want to do with it. You can repaint it, or embellish it with decoupage photos, or put your own paintings on it, or anything you want. You don't have to strip the door, just give it a really good clean with some soap and water or a spray degreaser such as Fantastic and then rinse and let it dry completely.

Take off all hardware, such as the hinges and old door handle, if they are still on the door. You could stencil on lines from poems, or whatever you want. If you use a high adhesion primer, you can paint right over this, and then paint it with latex paint in a color you like, or leave it the way it is. Now you need to do a bit of shopping.

How to Make a Desk Top - Measure the door, and then get a piece of clear tempered (doesn't shatter) glass cut to fit your door. It is not that expensive and this makes the flat surface you need for your desk, but now you can see all the details of the door through the glass. So as long as there are sides to this door that the glass can sit on, the center can be as intricate as you want. Some old doors are literally carved in the center.

Next head to the office supply store and find yourself a couple of filing cabinets that are at the right height for the desk. If they are not you can always add casters to them to raise them.

How to Make a Desk - Supports - Now lay the door across the filing cabinets, so that you have one at each end. These are your supports. Now you not only have the desk area but your storage on either side. If you don't want filing cabinets, you could choose book cases instead, or if you don't want any kind of storage, you could add purchased legs from the hardware store. But the idea of the filing cabinets or book cases, is that you have all your office in this one compact spot.

If you are putting this original looking desk in the corner of your main living room, you can also try and find a room divider. You can make your own or find these at the reuse center, and/or the office supply store or home improvement store. They are basically large rectangle frames that are hinged together and free stand. You can decorate those too!

How to Make a Desk and Hide It - That way you can separate your desk office area or hobby area away from the living area. At the end of the day, open out your divider and it hides your office. ORE International Black 4 Panel Plum Blossom Screen Room DividerNow you don't have to be staring at it while you are on "down time".How to Make a Desk

Reusing a door makes perfect sense for a desk or worktop. Before you get rid of any doors, think about whether you could use a new work top for your hobby in the garage for example or the basement. Build the supports with storage units such as filing cabinets or book cases or shelves.

Some of the antique doors have some really cool details, that would look nice under some glass. All you have to do is try and make sure it is a level door if laid out flat for your desk. Those older doors were usually solid wood, so chances are they will be fine, but check them out by laying them on the floor first. If you really want something different, check the antique stores too, for really different looking doors to make your desk with.

If you would prefer a standup height, then find taller book cases, or taller filing cabinets for the ends. You can put these repurposed door desks up against the wall or they can free stand.

How to Make a Desk Taller - You can also paint the filing cabinets or bookcases to match the rest of your desk so it doesn't look to broken up, especially if you got garage sale finds for the filing cabinets, or end supports. This way it feels like you have a new office, and yet you have managed to not only have an "original" desk but you have saved money on the purchase of entire office setup.

Maybe with the money you save, you could consider spending a bit of cash on a really good chair and a few storage things for the top of your desk.

Now personalize your new desk!