Donations to charity comprise a substantial sum of money, particularly in North America. Big corporations and wealthy individuals will frequently make charitable donations as a means of lowering the amount of tax they pay. Regardless of the amount they give, it can usually help them keep more of the money that they make. Other people make donations to charity as a way to assist people who are in need. There are a number of different ways you can donate to a charity, with cash being only one of them.

When most people donate to charity, they write out a check. The amount of the donation is typically a personal choice, yet some organizations might have certain limits. As long as you have the money, sending a check is the easiest alternative, and it's the most common method of giving charitably. And if you're not worried about the specific use of the money and just want to do some good in this world, it will save you time and effort.

Not everybody has the financial resources to give cash donations. One alternative for those who would like to help others but can't afford to write a check is to participate in a used car donation program. Under these circumstances, a charitable organization will take your car, tow it away at no charge, and in return, you receive a tax deduction for the assessed value of your car. Donating a car might seem a little over the top for some people, but the fact is that if the car is old, the tax deduction you get could be more than what you would have received by putting it up for sale.

There are lots of individuals who would like to make a charitable donation of some worth, but the problem is that they simply don't have the resources. In this case, many people will choose instead to donate goods. Clothes, toys, books and tools, along with lots of other useful items, are frequently donated to individuals who are in need. Even low income households are likely to have some stuff lying around that they no longer use or need, and which they can give away to a good cause.

As you can see, donations to charity can come in any form. It doesn't much matter if the only reason you donate to charity is for the tax relief. The real issue is that people who are in dire straits get the help they need. Likewise, it doesn't matter if the help you give is in the form of cash or donating cars and household goods. The fact that you care about your neighbors and are willing to share your good fortune is an important aspect of being part of a civilized society.