Transform any bedroom on a budget by hanging your own fabric canopy above your bed!

Things You Will Need

Desired Fabric


Sewing Machine

Nails, screw-in hooks or "O" rings

Step 1

First you need to make sure that your ceiling is capable of holding this fabric, some older plaster ceilings may crumble and leave large holes when you try to hang fabric!

Step 2

Mark the points you wish to hang your fabric from, you can cover the length of your bed, or just the head of the bead. Measure Across the bed and add 1 yard to this measurement (so you can droop some fabric down), also measure from the ceiling down for however long you want your canopy. Now measure the length of the bed, this will tell you how many fabric bolts you will need side-by-side

Step 3

When you go to fasten your fabric to the ceiling, you can straight nail it in, hang some "o" rings and thread the fabric through, or hang string from the ceiling and tie the fabric up!

Step 4

When you go to hang the fabric across the top, lay the fabric out and hold it up (have someone help you here to keep it level) and center the fabric. We left 1 yard extra so that you can place a pin in the center of the extra fabric, creating a pillowy double droop for the top of the canopy

Do the same for the remaining length that you would like to cover, be sure to keep them all centered and alike so it looks nice! After you are done, you can tie the hanging fabric back or leave it hang, its up to you!

Tips & Warnings