Fall Banner DIY

Fall Scrappy Fabric Bunting
Credit: K. Thomas

Make a Colorful Autumn Bunting

I was short on time this week, but I really wanted to make something pretty for my family room wall. It just needed something to pull the rest of my fall decor together and break up all that white space. I remembered putting away a roll of twine the other day and decided I'd have time to use it to make a basic bunting for the wall.

To make this simple fall decoration, you will need twine, scissors, a marker, a ruler and a variety of colorful cotton fabrics.  Before you begin, measure the area where you want the bunting to hang and decide whether you want it fairly tight or whether you prefer to have it hang in graceful arcs instead. I added another foot to my measurement for the arcs and a foot on each end so I had plenty of room for tieing off the bunting when I was done.

Once you have your measurement, roll out your twine and cut it to size. Make a mark about a foot in on each side with your marker so you know where to start tieing your fabric strips.

Now, you are ready to begin the fun part - ripping strips. Measure half inch from one end of a piece of fabric, cut into the fabric a bit at that spot and then start ripping. As long as the fabric is nice and square, it will rip straight across to the other end, leaving you with a half inch by 48 inch strip. You can cut that strip into shorter strips. I got six strips that were eight inches long out of one long strip. Repeat this process until you have a whole pile of colorful strips.

Time to start making knots. Fold one of the eight inch strips over the twine at one of the starting marks and make a knot. I double knotted mine so they wouldn't slide all over or come undone. Decide how far you want your fabric pieces to be spaced and knot your next strip at that spot. I spaced mine pretty far apart, but some people prefer to push them right up against each other. Continue knotting, varying colors and patterns, until you reach the mark you made on the other side of the twine.

Now, all you need to do is hang your fall banner, sit back and enjoy all the pretty colors. But, if you are anything like me, that isn't going to do it. You're going to have to make another one. Maybe triangular shaped fabrics hot glued to a pretty ribbon or rectangles of scrapbooking paper stapled to colorful yarn? Oh, the possibilities.