Place setting

Finished Place Setting

  Fast finishing touches can make your dinner table very inviting. Ivy-covered place mats and coordinating napkin rings are easy to do and inexpensive too.

   Trim a few trailing vines from a houseplant or try using silk leaves. Dresses up plain place mats with ease and will protect them from spills. The foliage circling each napkin ties in nicely with the ivy covered place mats.

   To start, you will need solid colored cloth place mats, cloth napkins, clear self-adhesive shelf paper and a lush houseplant, that has pretty shaped leaves that aren't too thick.

To make the place mats;
Step 1...Unroll the shelf paper, placing the paper backing facing up. Put the place mat on top, aligning it on two sides, Use a pencil to mark the cutting lines for the remaining two sides. Set the place mat aside and cut along the lines with scissors.

Trace the placemat

                                                                             Trace the place mat

Step 2...With the shelf paper cut to size, peel off the paper backing and discard. Place the shelf paper on your work surface with the adhesive side facing up. Remove leaves of different sizes from your plant, then place them in a pleasing pattern along each end of the shelf paper. Be sure to press the leaves down firmly so they stick.

Place the leaves

Place the leaves

Step 3...Starting at one end of the place mat, press the shelf paper on top of the place mat with adhesive side down. Don't worry if you see some wrinkles or bubbles, they are easy to remove; just lift the paper up again, then smooth it down with your hand as you go. You can easily wipe off any spills after each use and continue to use the place mats until the leaves turn brown. Just peel off the shelf paper and leaves and your place mats are as good as new.

Position the paper

Smooth the shelf paper down

To make the napkin ring;
   Simply cut a short length of ivy from your plant and wrap it around a cloth napkin that has been gathered or folded. Then place on a plate, tucking the loose ends of the vine underneath the napkin to keep them in place.

Make the napkin rings

Make the napkin rings