How to make a family christmas recipe book(99169)Credit: amazon.comLearning how to make a family Christmas recipe book now, even if the sun is hot and shining, will be a welcomed gift come December when the snow is flying.

For one of these books to get filled with the best traditional recipes your family has to offer will take some homework ahead of time, especially if your family is spread out.

Grandparents or Parents – This can be a great place to start.  By getting started now you will have everyone in a relaxed mood and not running around trying to get their shopping and baking done. 

If this is anything like my Grandma her recipes consisted of “handful of this and a pinch of that”  So now would be a good time to head over there and actually watch them make a traditional recipe or get them to haul out their well-worn bits of paper that house years old recipes they have in books and drawers!

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If this is what you get given to you, then go over the recipe with them to make sure it is correct and write down anything they may add to make it special. 

Keep detailed notes, and write down the stories they tell you about making this dish when they were younger or with their own family years ago.  These will add to the Christmas Recipe Book and will be appreciated years from now.  You could also record them and include a CD with every copy of the book.

Aunts, Uncles, Cousins even Distant Cousins! – Try and find more traditional Christmas recipes throughout your family tree.  If you head out on vacation this summer, or fall and are stopping in to see some relatives, then bring your notebook along and find out more about their recipes. 

How to Make a Family Christmas Recipe Book – If you can, take some photo copies of their hand written vintage notes or recipes and with their permission a few pictures to put beside the recipe.

Having a story behind each recipe will make your book special and the perfect gift for everyone in your family this year.

You could organize each page like a scrapbook, so if you are into scrapbooking this would make the perfect project!

Since many of the older relatives are not computer oriented, then you will need to create this as a paper book.  You could store it on a CD for future reference but you need to print this book.  You can get printing done at your local print shop or you can get them bound to look like great books at sites such as

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Chapters – Depending on how many recipes you have, you could divide them into chapters or sections.

But the best part will be not only the recipes on each page but the history and the person behind them.  Include lots of pictures, stories told to you and the recipe and you will now have a great Family Recipe Book that you can have copied and give out to everyone for your Christmas present this year.  It is something that can be passed on and enjoyed for years to come. 

Binder – If you don’t want to publish the book or want a book that can be added to, then simply purchase small binders and then take your pages and place them in plastic page protectors.  This way you can add more pages each year.

So, just how to make a family Christmas Recipe book? – Start now and this will become a family heirloom that will be appreciated by all and those great mouth-watering recipes from the older generation will not be forgotten and will live on.

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